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A Conversation With Vanessa Veselka (PART 1)

I was first introduced to Vanessa Veselka about ten years ago, when an envelope arrived at my North Beach apartment, from our mutual friend Christine in Portland, containing a computer-printed copy of a short story titled “Il Duce.” I made myself an Irish coffee and read it in the dim living room, overlooking the giant urban schoolyard across the street. 6,220 more words


Cook Food—A Manualfesto for Easy, Healthy, Local Eating by Lisa Jervis

In the past few years we’ve been bombarded with messages about eating organic food and shopping local farmer’s markets. Vegan and vegetarian cookbooks dot our bookstore shelves. 618 more words


BITCHFEST, or: Everything I've Wanted from A Title

The best part of the book was the looks I got on the bus– bitchfest is emblazoned on the front in huge font. It’s not the weirdest thing to happen on public transit but small joys, feminist anthologies, etc. 394 more words

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