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Review : Table 19 - The Movie That Tried To Cover Everything and Failed Miserably

Have you ever been to a wedding where you basically know you aren’t wanted? Maybe you are  the bride’s socially awkward cousin and although you haven’t seen each other since you were 12 she was just forced into inviting you because her Olds are footing the bill for this whole charade? 618 more words


The Boss Baby (2017) izle

The Boss Baby (2017) izle
Takım elbise giyen, evrak çantası taşıyan bir bebek 7 taşındaki…
Yönetmen: Tom McGrath
Oyuncular/Aktörler: Alec Baldwin,Steve Buscemi,Jimmy Kimmel,Lisa Kudrow
The Boss Baby (2017) izle

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On September 22 "Friends" made its television debut...

On September 22, 1994 “Friends” made its television debut 20 years ago. 

The sitcom focused on a group of six friends living in Manhattan, often hanging out in a coffee shop called Central Perk. 283 more words


The Suited Infant - The Boss Baby (2017)

It’s the middle of the road.  So what you may not know is that the infants across the globe are actually organized behind the scenes and waging a war against puppies because there is only so much love to go around in the world.   438 more words


The One with the Tour

Soft. Like velvet. Like sitting on a cloud. A cloud that will always be there for you. That’s what it felt like, sitting on the very same couch that the cast of… 791 more words

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Table 19 (DVD)

I wasn’t going to review this movie but I had opinions, so here we are.  Before I get to those opinions, let’s get some business out of the way.   391 more words


Table 19

Every wedding has “that table”. The randoms that don’t fit into the other tables. They aren’t cousins, you don’t want to put them with the other eligible singles, or you just don’t have room for them…so you stick them off in the back corner, on Table 19. 130 more words