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The Dirt on Food

“Fuck calories,” says Krista Scott-Dixon (@stumptuous).

“Fuck vitamins. Fuck ‘willpower’. Put real cream in your coffee. And have an avocado too. Your relationship with food and eating is your relationship with life.”

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Lisa Richardson

Switching to Airplane Mode

We’re in the Redwood Forest.

“Did they name it after the song?” my four year old asks.

We’d borrowed a remix of Woody Guthrie music from the library once and… 876 more words

When Stone Speaks

In the History of Big-wall Climbing, Even Geology has Something to Say

In May, this story I wrote for Mountain Life Annual 2016, was shared online at… 1,744 more words

Lisa Richardson

How to get your professional headshot done: the non textbook version

Jordan Manley took my portrait.

I was short on a recent bio pic. My face doesn’t sell my work, so having an up-to-date headshot, despite what the enterprising types say, has just not been a priority. 885 more words

Lisa Richardson

This is our 2000th post. Thank you for being here.

Here is something I heard recently, Junot Diaz in conversation with Krista Tippet, on On Being.

There’s nothing about our impoverished political systems, our imagined communities, that is going to be able to hold us together in the face of the coming storm of climate change.

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Permission to suck is like a Hall Pass to happiness. Here's one, if you need it.

Epiphanies come when I’m feeding out slack.

Don’t tell my climbing partner. Because when he’s leading his way up a strenuous pitch of rock, he likes to know that I am watching with rapt attention, feeding out the rope in perfect increments, absolutely focused on his every micro-move, so that, should he fall, I will catch that fall, by moving the rope into brake position, without any undue delay. 971 more words


The last flight of Dave "Lucas" McCord

The last time I saw Dave “Lucas” McCord alive, he pulled out his phone to show me his latest claim to fame. He’d made headlines in Iceland, where he was spending the summer, trading labour as a carpenter and driver for some paragliding friends in exchange for a place to stay. 893 more words

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