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Pull up a chair, and take a friggin' breath

There was the kid, on the cusp of two and three quarters, acting up. “Apparently it’s not the terrible twos,” stage-whispered my husband dramatically, from the wings of the boy’s wild air-slaps and projectile-tosses and whiny-growls. 645 more words

Lisa Richardson

Rising Strong

It was the last question of the night.

The panel had faced some tough ones, but it was a heckler-free crowd – friendly, supportive, curious. It’s not often, despite our proximity, that Pemberton women get to hear from Lil’wat women. 776 more words

Lisa Richardson

Making light of the ask

I’m sitting at the Blackbird Bakery across from 33-year-old Polek Rybczynski, and his almost two-year-old son Tae, leafing slowly through a proof of his coffee table book, Valley of Light. 932 more words

Lisa Richardson

Column: When the best place to be is in the kitchen... being cooked for

Technically, I’m a vegetarian.

Have been for over 20 years.

Pretty much since I was in a position to say “this is what’s going into my body, and this is not, “I’ve taken a left turn at eating anything that used to have a heartbeat. 790 more words


6 ~ Niigata by Lisa Richardson


The moon of summer,
Over Goyu it’s setting.
Those bright crimson hills.

Matsuo Bashō (松尾芭蕉)

6 ~ Niigata by Lisa Richardson

This design by Lisa Richardson is knitted using Rowan…

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7 ~ Ludham by Lisa Richardson

As on the highway’s quiet edge
He mows the grass beside the hedge,
The old man has for company
The distant, grey, salt-smelling sea,
A poppied field, a cow and calf,

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8 ~ Glaven by Lisa Richardson

You flow endlessly.
Over you your lights are beautiful—luminous and dark, moving and still, broken and whole.

In summer, columns of light—mottled by leaves.
In winter, the bleak light over farmland, the frosted-grey depth.

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