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Permission to suck is like a Hall Pass to happiness. Here's one, if you need it.

Epiphanies come when I’m feeding out slack.

Don’t tell my climbing partner. Because when he’s leading his way up a strenuous pitch of rock, he likes to know that I am watching with rapt attention, feeding out the rope in perfect increments, absolutely focused on his every micro-move, so that, should he fall, I will catch that fall, by moving the rope into brake position, without any undue delay. 971 more words


The last flight of Dave "Lucas" McCord

The last time I saw Dave “Lucas” McCord alive, he pulled out his phone to show me his latest claim to fame. He’d made headlines in Iceland, where he was spending the summer, trading labour as a carpenter and driver for some paragliding friends in exchange for a place to stay. 893 more words

Lisa Richardson

You don't have time to volunteer, so maybe you should

Katrina Onstad hates brunch.

The Toronto-based journalist finds it to be a colossal time-waster, although she phrases it more delicately. “I’m a little ambivalent about it. 838 more words


How Patagonia's Worn Wear Program Will Make You Love Your Old Gear

This story first appeared at Mountain Culture.

The other day I resigned from my day job. I walked out of the CAO’s office and into the washroom and realized there was a hole worn through the elbow of my shirt. 940 more words

Lisa Richardson

It's time to upgrade your Leave No Trace mindset

I rode a quick lap of No Err the other morning. It was 10 days since the Nimby Fifty bike race had sent 230 riders that way, and I assume that four of those racers were responsible for the discarded energy gel packets I picked up along my ride. 840 more words


What winning the lottery really means

When the $2.2 million cheque arrived from the BC Children’s Hospital Lottery Foundation on Thursday May 11, it was one week since Lana McKenzie discovered she had bought the winning ticket. 834 more words

Lisa Richardson