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Crazy Love You by Lisa Unger (2015)

Ian Paine has fought mightily his entire life to achieve the normalcy he has craved since childhood. In the opening chapters of the book, readers find Ian successful and somewhat of a celebrity among the fans of his graphic novels. 429 more words


In The Blood by Lisa Unger (2014)

Lisa Unger has done it again, In the Blood is a terrifying, twisting thriller that delves deep into the psyche of its many, well-drawn characters. Unger present a story that raises questions about the role of mental illness and past trauma have in shaping a young life, and about whether or not all those who struggle can be saved or if some are born beyond saving. 321 more words


Die for You by Lisa Unger (2009)

Is there anything better than discovering a writer whom you have never read, who has a body of work several books deep, books that are all intriguing and impossible to put down? 336 more words


Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger (2006)

Ridley Jones is the bright and successful daughter of her wealthy, doting parents. She is living a life of freedom and exploration in New York City, made possible by her job as a writer and a large inheritance from a deceased uncle. 141 more words


The Red Hunter by Lisa Unger (2017)

“You cannot look into the outer world to feel safe, to feel at peace. You cannot look without for understanding or for justice. You must look within.

394 more words

Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger (2016)

NOTE: This book takes place in the fictional town of The Hollows in upstate New York. Several other books by Lisa Unger also take place in The Hollows. 550 more words


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Friday night I finished reading Lisa Unger’s exceptional¬†The Red Hunter.¬†I don’t remember who originally told me to read Lisa Unger’s work, but whoever it was, I really need to say thank you again! 713 more words

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