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Top 10 Bleach Female Cosplay

Bleach is awesome, Bleach Cosplay is even better, however Female Bleach Cosplay is just mind-blowing! There are a number of great cosplayers all around the world, the amount of work they put into their cosplay is just amazing, that is why I’ve put together what I think the best Top 10 Bleach Female Cosplay’s are from the posts on deviantART. 97 more words


Love Aikawa, Hachigen Ushoda, Lisa Yadomaru and Rojuro Otoribashi - Vizards

The above image is to me, an amazing piece of art! Since I haven’t posted anything about Vizards, or Visored, in some time, I wanted to take some time off to give you guys a reminder about the past about the Vizard. 132 more words

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