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Claudia Vieira - Mercado recheado de turistas... #lisboa #turistas...

Mercado recheado de turistas… #lisboa #turistas

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Fazendo um ponto de situação antes de a campanha eleitoral para as autárquicas de 2017 ir para o terreno, já que apenas Assunção Cristas (CDS-PP) se assumiu como candidata (no dia 10 de Setembro, em Oliveira do Bairro, o que diz muito acerca da substância da candidatura) e Fernando Medina ainda nem apresentou oficialmente a sua candidatura, há que forçosamente concluir que o presidente da CML está na “mó de baixo” desde o dia 2 de Setembro, em que anunciou a suspensão das obras da 2ª Circular, a sua grande bandeira eleitoral. 878 more words



He started at 14 years old and since then never stopped. This Chilean street artist/”frustrated astronaut” uses the Kusillo (a clown from the Bolivian culture) as his main figure throughout all of his murals. 84 more words


Mr. Chat

His big yellow large Cheshire Cat appeared for the first time in Orléans (France) in 1997. Since then he is spreading everywhere and also in Lisbon. 32 more words

Wall Of Fame

Noty & Aroz

These two French artists met in elementary school and never split afterwards. They like to cover the cities with these amazing combinations of stencils and wheat pastes with a clear eye for detail !  19 more words

Wall Of Fame


Today we introduce you to #caatalaac an artist from Brussels. She graduated in 2002 and began to work in illustration. She draws on everything she can but what she really prefers is painting on walls. 80 more words