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I joined a gym today.

When it comes to working out…I don’t. So I started small and barely did anything and I still barely made it down the stairs without falling over because my legs were feeling wobbly. 175 more words


New Titles For the Last Month of 2016

This new reading list follows the scheme I developed a few months back. I notice that despite having several titles by the two or three selected authors, I tend to only read one or at best two and cover the majority of my reading with the unconnected titles. 318 more words


A Pile of Books Is Called a ???

Wow! It’s December tomorrow and I haven’t even thought about next year’s reading selections.

I have an uncharacteristic urge to just wing it: selecting one book at a time with no preplanning whatsoever. 411 more words


Netflix Navigator III

Time for a Binge

Where does the time go? It’s been 12 months to the day since Filmcache first launched and I introduced myself with ten of my… 1,225 more words


Did You Read That?

Well, the application I use to keep my lists is still broken under the new operating system, but I did find a way to recover those lost titles from earlier in the month so I can present a complete list of suggested reading as was posted daily during October. 381 more words


Bingeing On Books Or Netflix

Ah, November! Last month ended with four or five novels being read but with no opportunity to finish them on time. Add to that a couple of novels I really wanted to read and never got to them. 265 more words


My Top 5 Not-All-That-Scary Spooky Reads

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Hope you’re all having fun! Now I love getting in the spirit of Halloween- it’s a great treat to let my hair down and eat sweets, but, I’ll be totally honest, I can’t do scary things!! 482 more words