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Ten Characters Who Are Fellow Book Nerds

A nice easy topic this week, although I am going to cheat and throw in some television characters because a) I’m lazy and b) I like them. 273 more words


Five Forgotten Gems - Comic Book Adaptations

I’m not sure whether we’ve reached the saturation point of comic book media yet. I do know that we’re now fully into the realm of adaptive choices obscure enough that even I have to start doing preemptive google searches when I notice my internet feeds getting particularly excited about certain cameos. 1,884 more words


Don't Fuck With Them Chickens...Unless They Last Name is Cutlet (or unless you actually know what you're doing)

A word of caution: do not fuck with shit you don’t know about. Now, I may sound very hypocritical warning everyone else about all this shit, but everything in this post I learned from experience and from seriously fucking up so I’m just trying to save you all some trouble especially since there was no one to warn me about some of this stuff. 547 more words



Who’s petite? ME! LOL.
As we all know, mini — floral, A-line, white, black, etc — dresses are the best dresses for us petite women since it can accentuate our legs and make them look longer. 220 more words


The Sunday Currently, Volume 3

Technically, it’s already Monday. :D But I’m sure it’s still Sunday somewhere in the world. haha…let’s not squabble over details and proceed with what’s up with me as of today. 641 more words

Sunday Currently

Top 10 Best and Worst Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episodes

Batman has always been my favorite superhero. So it seems fitting a Batman-related review would serve as my return to the GNC review committee. Batman the Brave and the Bold is a 65 episode series over the course of 3 seasons, before it was cancelled (by both the network AND THE SHOW ITSELF. 5,668 more words


26 Perks of Having An Awesome Best Friend

Long story short, I feel really, REALLY bad for having a dream about my best friend dying. And I feel bad for writing out a just-in-case eulogy for him. 562 more words