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Adulting 101: Get shit done

I was very organised when I was younger. I had after-school activities planned out,I had a study timetable, I used the pomodoro technique, I had it down. 892 more words


Quarter Life is just a Hype.

I don’t know what is the big fuss about turning a quarter year old and why people are making it as if it is some kind of mark or checkpoint in life. 812 more words


Episode 54: Our Favourite Summer Blockbusters!

In light of the hot (I mean H-O-T) temperatures that we’ve all been living with, here are the chick’s Top 3 Summer Blockbusters! We’re keeping it within the past decade because that’s when we really became aware of the huge movie hype around some films. 129 more words


Lock Screens for Motivation Monday

Monday may be the fresh start of the week but needless to say, most of us hate Mondays. 122 more words


“If It Only Had A…” – Books With Something Missing

Hello all! I mentioned in my last post that Girl On A Train felt like it was missing something. Maybe it was the fact that the twists were a tad predictable, maybe it was because the characters weren’t great, but mostly I reckon it was cos the writing just fell a little flat. 362 more words


Southward Ho !

Despite all the work I’ve had to put into pre-move activities, I managed to read quite a bit this last month but I probably went outside the published reading pool more than usual. 471 more words


There's Some Good Stuff Out There

Reading can drive you crazy! No matter how I speed through the texts or reorganize my library or collect discount cards for the local bookstore I seem to be swimming in a vast sea of new books: books I really want to read. 461 more words