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Why do I continue series I hate?

Okay, so the Halloween spirit is definitely starting to get to me, because I just realised something today that terrified me: it’s already the end of October!!! 442 more words


More Classic Halloween Monsters?

This time of year, we see the same famous monsters marched out every Halloween. Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Frankenstein, a Mummy if someone’s feeling “ethnic” and only has toilet paper for a costume. 734 more words


25 Things I Wish I knew When I was A Little Girl

  1. Those siestas (a.k.a afternoon naps) that your grandma keeps shoving down your throat will be missed as you grow older.
  2. You will lose a lot of sleep in college.
  3. 314 more words

A List of Reasons

Art stood before his pupils, ready for the lesson.

“Mr. Paulus,” one of them crowed from the back, not even raising his hand. Art shuddered as the whiny voice continued, “Mr. 154 more words

Short Story

They Just Keeping Pulling Me In

Thirty-five or more years back I took a huge turn in my life which was quickly spiraling into a non-stop relationship with working long hours, fueled by the smooth oblivion of Old Man Daniels or just about anything that mixed well with Orange Crush. 435 more words


Hot Reading From the Cooling Embers

So far it’s been rough my first few weeks here in Florida but hopefully it will all improve over the last quarter; by then my new rooms will be available, my desk stocked and well-lit, and my new built-in bookshelves loaded with all the books that are today still stored in boxes and shoved into dark closets. 237 more words


kl lrt woes

It’s been about a year since I moved to the big city. Despite the horror stories about public transport in KL, I was generally optimistic. I did not want to get stuck in the traffic jams during peak hours (in my car, a taxi or a bus), so I decided to use the LRT to commute to work. 491 more words