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Current Lippies

I’ve never thought that i’ve accumulated a lot of lippies in just a year! I’ve never been the kind of girl who wears lipstick a lot since i hate how noticeable the color is. 824 more words

Tough Keeping Up

There are plenty of new books being published that look like winners: some will challenge the gray cells, others will make for a pleasant evening’s entertainment; some are in English, others are in translation; some are big enough to choke a Hutt, others hardly need a bookmark; some deliver what they promise, others not so much. 366 more words


Read Fast Before They're Gone

Time is running faster and faster. I have about six weeks to clean out my bookshelves, packing the books I intend to move and sending the rest off to various donation points: Goodwill, the Library, the Sun City Book Club, a few friends near and far. 316 more words


Checking things off the list

I know I’m not the only person that lurves to check things off lists. My friend Kelsey and I went to grad school together and used to get some weird high when we’d highlight each completed week off the class syllabus. 287 more words


Advice for men on who to marry

  • Marry a woman that likes to be natural and walk around barefooted. During summers she loves the beach and flip flops.

Why? Because women shoes are fucking expensive. 24 more words


Netflix Navigator II

Recommendations at your service

Winter storms, snowed-in cars, and terrible commutes; three struggles everyone in the North East has in common right now. Fortunately, another common thread that we all share, regardless of geography, is Netflix! 977 more words