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2017 Oscar Predictions

Roll Out the Red Carpet

With one week to go until the big show, some major races are clearly crystallizing while others are tightening up. This awards season has proven predictable to an extent with… 734 more words


Favorite Love Song Lyrics

Some ironic and silly, others heart-crushingly emotional.

<3 Ever since we met // I only shoot up with your perfume // it’s the only thing // that makes me I feel as good as you do. 250 more words

About Me

My Favorite Action Movie Sequels

John Wick is one of my favorite action movies in the past 10 years. As good as John Wick is, one of the toughest things to do in Hollywood is make a good sequel. 701 more words


I get to go home....eventually!

I am counting down the days until I’m headed back to Houston. It isn’t exactly “home” (south Texas is and Tampa feels more like a home than Houston), but I have a bed and all of my things in a brick house near the airport. 352 more words


Reading Breaks Bubbles

Do you realize that if you read just one of the titles suggested in January, you would be better read than the new President of the United States? 377 more words


Will February Bring Literary Goodness

The first month of the new year is over and despite my being a little older, a bit more decrepit, and my books still being stored in packing boxes waiting for the new room with the wonderful bookshelves, I was fortunate to read some rather good books. 252 more words


Weird days to celebrate with the kids

This is a great calendar to work with your kids on… ¬†Other than the usual “National” days, these are something a little different that will guarantee to put a smile on your little one(s) face(s). 288 more words