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15 Things People in Retail Will Understand

1, ‘Do you work here?’

‘No, Im just such a fan of this shop that I’m going to wear a matching T-shirt and stack shelves?!’ If I look like I work there then the chances are its supposed to look like I work there. 576 more words

Day Sixteen


I love Marvel comics. My favourites are Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan ver.), Miles Morales’ Spiderman and Captain America.  And because I love Marvel comics so much I decided to make a definitive ranking of my favourite Marvel films, top ten of course because I don’t have the TIME to rank every movie and some of them don’t deserve it. 1,370 more words


Will I Read or Be Shameless?

It’s May and the weather is gorgeous here in South Carolina. If you stop by I’ll be out on the lanai reading either on my iPad or with my wonderful new full-page lighted magnifier. 301 more words


BuzzFeed's 25 Great Pop Songs You May Have Already Missed In 2015

Alex Naidus / BuzzFeed

1. Shura, “2Shy”

The Deal: 23-year-old pop singer and songwriter from the UK with several killer singles already under her belt… 1,241 more words


Looks Like Some Good Reading

Instead of winding things down, reading-wise, I seem to be finding more and more titles that intrigue me. I’m sort of in a quandary: should I concentrate on the classical novels that I still have not read (all those Penguin Classics on the shelves in the bedroom), or should I give in and realize that I can easily fill up my time with some fascinating contemporary fiction; then again, I could just concentrate on the transgressive fiction I love to read; what about all those journals with all those erudite articles and experimental short fiction? 305 more words


A Short List of Things I Currently Want to Do

  • stay inside a museum after closing hours
  • get lost in an unfamiliar city
  • dye my hair some crazy colour for a week
  • ride the train from one end of the line to the other…
  • 114 more words


John undrade vad man skulle ha med sig för packning så kom med förslag här. En bra start:

– Bra skor att gå i, antingen kängor eller lågskor, men de bör antingen vara vattentäta eller torka snabbt. 156 more words