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Battling to save your husband’s life once is terrifying. Having to do it twice in 2 years takes a warrior. That’s exactly how I’d describe Kate Brandon. 628 more words


Bagi kalian yang ngerasa pesan poster di aku via facebook,personal message, dll, poster kalian sudah bisa diambil disini ya 69 more words


Top 50 HR & Recruiting bad asses in APAC featuring – Tracy Earl

Well, hello there…

It has been over 7 months since I released a blog post and over a year since I have posted in the Top 50 HR & Recruiting bad asses series. 1,403 more words


Warning: Fake Makeup Advisory

Okay, just so you guys know… I found other brands that should be added “HERE” in my brands that were being faked list.

  1. L.A. Girl- I saw fake matte Liquid Lipsticks.
  2. 48 more words

You know you are a Grown-up when....

For a while it felt as if I was ‘playing’ at adulting. Dinner parties were fun in an ironic way. Early nights a novelty. Over the last 6 months something has changed. 753 more words

Five Forgotten Gems - Lives of Quiet Desperation

Last week we talked about The Witch, a decidedly strange and mostly effective film that inhabits that wonderful horror subgenre known as “everything’s a metaphor.” But as much as that film defied analysis by modern standards, against all odds demanding to be taken by its own internal logic, its best feature was undoubtedly its skill in creating tension from the mundane. 1,368 more words


Three Things, Volume VI

Three things that I have enjoyed, grown to love, and/or have kept me sane this week. 224 more words