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Effective ways of content marketing energize lead generation.

Content Marketing plays an important role in lead/ demand generation. In today’s world B2B buyers have changed a lot, they have information available online right at their fingertips. 410 more words

Content Marketing

Blood Angels Patrol

So in my last post I talked about the method to my madness of getting back into the hobby groove. I have finished painting the Blood Angels Patrol list that I have designed, and below I would like to talk a little about it and possibly get some input from you all about it. 557 more words

Sales Funnel Playbook - How To Create A Sales Funnel

By following these 4 tips you can increase your Internet sales and make your product funnel creation more effective. Every business has a sales funnel. In this article, we look at: the composition of a sales funnel, the importance of qualifying sales leads, benefits of a sales funnel, effective sales funnel management,  how to build the perfect sales funnel, and mistakes made in sales funnel management. 481 more words

List Building

The Countess Cometh...

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since Imperial Veterans dropped in our laps, which has given me ample opportunity to playtest, tweak and theory the crap outta them. 1,557 more words

X Wing

Text Deliver Review And Bonus + Demo

SMS marketing is a way of reaching customers through text messaging. Using a web-based program, you can send mass texts to subscribing customers, set up campaigns where coupons are sent automatically over time, engage customers in polls and questionnaires, or even run a sweepstakes contest. 749 more words


Email Jeet 2.0 Review And Bonus + Demo

I am sick and tired of paying monthly for an autoresponder, letting it keep all my lists as hostage, and then giving me poor delivery rates and open rates.  320 more words



Who would have thunk?

Piotr Kuc, of Endor (er, I mean Poland) was the winner of the 2016 Open Series and his winning list was Dengar and Guri. 37 more words