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7 Little-Known Books You Must Read

Popular books are popular for a reason. They create a ripple effect from one reader to the next, until everyone knows that book’s name. But what about the books few people have heard of? 918 more words

Rapid Fire Tag :)

Hey Guys, I hope your life has been as exciting as the fictional world you are reading J, well my reading has been utter shit in August… 775 more words


July Book-Madness!!! What I read :)

Hey, hope you are having a lovely month so far… Oh! wait! It’s freaking August… How the f%$#! is it August!!! It was… 576 more words


3. Tess of the D'Urbervilles

우리 사실 세번째 책으로 카뮈를 연달아 읽으려 했었지만 자연스러운 합의하에 카뮈에게서 멀어지자 정했어 (너의 말을 빌리자면, 카뮈는 우리를 ‘중력보다 더 아래로 끌어내리는’ 작가이기에).

그리하여 정해진 세번째 책은, Thomas Hardy 의 Tess of the D’urbervilles. 마음아프지 않았으면 좋겠는데.. 이거 영화로도 있다면서? 책 다 읽고 영화도 보고싶다.

List Of Books

Reading Update! ( It's been lovely so far)

Hey random humans (In a robotic voice) I feel like I should give you sort of a life reading update because who doesn’t like a little bit of a sneak peek into someone’s life… 749 more words



Hey, random internet people, been awhile since I did any post and I apologise for it but on the plus side, it’s been a solid reading month so far. 527 more words


2. A Happy Death

두번째 책은 너와 내가 함께 알고 있는 우리의 또다른 “J” 가 추천한 알베르 카뮈의 작품.

난 처음 접하는 작가이기에 설레어. 참 좋아.

List Of Books