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28 Books that I would Recommend for Everyone.

For my annual birthday blog. I’m going to share with you the list of top 28 books that I’ve already read since I’ve started the… 1,071 more words


What I am Reading and What I Want to Read

Everyone has their favourite genre of books to read. They may dabble in different things once or twice but usually when you’re in a library or a book store, you always hone in on your favourite genre to see what they have. 744 more words


My Favourite Authors and their Books 

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald (Great Gatsby)
  • William Shakespeare (Hamlet)
  • John Green (Fault in our Starts)
  • Aprilynne pike (Wings)
  • Agnes Martin-Lugand (Happy People Read and Drink Coffee)
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Inspirations And Ideas

Classic books you should read

Oh, hello, there!

In today’s post I’m going to talk about classic books. Now, I’ve read few classics and I really liked them. So, in this post I’ll write like a little list with all the classic books I’ve read and I recommend to you to read. 973 more words

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TBR Pile

Employing a wild mix of tall tale, rich metaphor, and contemporary science fiction, this darkly hilarious novel explores a young man’s attraction and ultimate addiction to skunk musk and the social difficulties he encounters as a result. 2,854 more words

My must-read books list

My long list of books I’ve loved… These are books from all genres and none, for all ages. It’s not a snob list of books I pretend I’ve read – I have actually read each of these, to the end, at least once. 225 more words


Mini Book Haul & Currently reading

Hey, fellow reader :)

I have been going up and down trying to figure out what to write this Thursday and I realised that I have acquired 4 books, which I am excited to talk about. 718 more words