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TBR Pile

Employing a wild mix of tall tale, rich metaphor, and contemporary science fiction, this darkly hilarious novel explores a young man’s attraction and ultimate addiction to skunk musk and the social difficulties he encounters as a result. 2,854 more words

My must-read books list

My long list of books I’ve loved… These are books from all genres and none, for all ages. It’s not a snob list of books I pretend I’ve read – I have actually read each of these, to the end, at least once. 225 more words


Mini Book Haul & Currently reading

Hey, fellow reader :)

I have been going up and down trying to figure out what to write this Thursday and I realised that I have acquired 4 books, which I am excited to talk about. 718 more words


A book a week - The challenge

Today, November 4, 2016 I take up the gauntlet that I threw down myself – yes, that’s insane and kinda weird, but bear with me: insane is my middle name. 327 more words
A Book A Week

Spookathon Readalong & TBR #Spookathon

Hey, guys October is upon us…

So get freaky & don’t forget to lock the doors…

I have never had the opportunity to celebrate Halloween because it’s not really acknowledged here in Kenya but I have always felt connected to it. 429 more words


7 Little-Known Books You Must Read

Popular books are popular for a reason. They create a ripple effect from one reader to the next, until everyone knows that book’s name. But what about the books few people have heard of? 918 more words

Rapid Fire Tag :)

Hey Guys, I hope your life has been as exciting as the fictional world you are reading J, well my reading has been utter shit in August… 775 more words