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Gotta catch 'em all... Or at least the cute ones!

With the announcement of the revamp and release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in a few months I thought I would take a journey down Pokemon memory lane.  512 more words


Yvonne: Log Seven

It has now been twenty days since I “beat” Pokemon Y. By “beat” I mean, defeated the Elite Four and the League Champion. That’s been what I’ve defined as “beating” a Pokemon game since I was a little kid. 313 more words

The Nuzlog

Shadow Artist Top 10- Top 10 Cutest Pokemon

This is my top 10 Pokémon that I consider cute, I have my own view on the term “Cute”. Also this wouldn’t include any Generation 6 Pokémon since when I made the list it was when Gen 6 was announced. 491 more words


Shadow Artist Top 10- Top 10 Pokemon From Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova

Yes since I posted “The Top 10 Kalos Pokémon”, I decided to post the other Top 10 Pokemon list I did prior to the release of Pokémon X and Y. 967 more words


Shadow Artist Top 10- Top 10 Gen 6 and Mega Evolution Pokemon

Well guys It’s been over two months since Pokemon X and Y have been released. So I thought it’s time to make to my top 10 favorite Pokemon from Gen 6, and with 70 new Pokemon and not counting the recently release legendary trio from game hacker and Mega Evolutions too. 559 more words


Yvonne: Log Six

Eight badges in and ready to take on the Elite Four and League Champion, but how did we get here? Well, since last time, I raised a Level 1 Beldum from Japan into a hardy Level 73 Metagross that wrecked shop on the final Gym Leader, Wulfric. 168 more words

The Nuzlog

What Pokémon Could Warrant A Third Type?

As we all know, Pokémon are either a single type, or a combination of two types from the eighteen total types available (of course with no doubled up types – no water/water types). 1,866 more words