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4 Habits Anyone Can Adopt From Adventists To Live Better

Disclaimer: This post is not at all about some religious premises or specific doctrines Seventh-Day Adventists have to share. Of course the practical things I’m about to share have some philosophical, dogmatic roots, but I will only include things that has practical benefits and make sense of it that way. 434 more words

Thought Of The Day

Lisa's list of the day

Ten things I do instead of studying:

  1. Write on this blog
  2. Check Twitter
  3. Check Facebook
  4. Read the newspaper for the 57th time today
  5. Think about the fact that I should be studying and feel bad because I’m not.
  6. 41 more words

10 Massachusetts Bands You Should Listen to Now

Originally published by Paste Magazine

Massachusetts is known for a handful of things—the Red Sox, the Kennedys, bar fights. What’s often overlooked, though, is that Boston was home to the Pixies, that Passion Pit got their start in Cambridge clubs or even that Aerosmith wrote their first song in a cramped apartment in Allston. 936 more words


List of the Day: The 15 Best X-Files Monsters

Originally published by Paste Magazine

While The X-Files is best known for its epic conspiracy plot lines and the swirl of smoke always coming from wherever cancer man might be lurking, part of what made the long-running show so excellent were the stand alone, “monster of the week” episodes, as they came to be called. 1,024 more words


List of the Day: The 10 Best Otis Redding Songs

Originally published by Paste Magazine

Otis Redding was not found playing on the streets of Memphis, or in a nightclub on the chitlin’ circuit. While working in Johnny Jenkins’ band, he accompanied him to a recording session and persuaded them to let him lay down his own. 938 more words


Summer Olympics: Top 20 Countries with the Most Boxing Medals

So, which countries are the most pugilistic?

The United States, Cuba and the Soviet Union have the most Summer Olympics Boxing medals of any country. The U.S. 120 more words