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Brahmani Metal India Ahmedabad

Brahmani Metal India We Are Here To Provide Services Which Focus On Customer Centricity Rather Than Profit Making Motive In Such Competitive Market We Are Working In Ahmedabad City We Are Dealing In Alloy Ferrous And Non Ferrous, Angle. 134 more words


Citron Scientific Hyderabad

Citron Scientific Is The New Age Lab & Process Solutions Provider For Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, F&B, Electronics, And A Host Of Other  Industries. Managed By Industry Professionals, With More Than A Century Of Cumulative Experience In Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing Management. 180 more words

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Psr Kirana And General Store Visakhapatnam

Psr Kirana And General Store Home Delivery Available,Best Prices For All Class Peoples, Home Needs Grocery Items All Are Available.

Psr Kirana And General Store… 26 more words

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Cure Nutraceutical Pvt. Ltd. Sidhpur

Cure Nutraceutical Pvt. Ltd. It Is Our Pleasure To Introduce Cure Nutraceutical Pvt Ltd To You – A Relatively New Entrant Into Processed Colostrum Powders, But A Veteran In Collection And Supply Business Of Raw Colostrum Through An Established Network In Villages Of North Gujarat Over The Last 2 Decades. 106 more words

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Ruwaid Corporate Gift Bangalore

Ruwaid Corporate Gift From Events To Product Launch, From SME To Corporate Giant We Supply All Kinds Of Corporate Gifts, Promotional Items. Ruwaid Is A Suitable Place For The People Who Are Looking For High Quality, Innovative Yet Cost Effective Corporate Gifts, Promotional Items, Executive Gifts. 93 more words

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[C Language] Bubble Sort how it works

Bubble sort is a simple sorting algorithm, it compares each pair of adjacent items and swaps them if they are in the wrong order, this passes must be repeated until no swaps are needed, for more detail: … 292 more words

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[C Language] How to pass an Array of string to a Function

With this post I show you how to create an array of strings and how you can pass it to a function.

#define MAXROW 5
#define MAXCOL 50

int ChangeItem(char** listof,char index)
  sprintf(listof,"index passed is changed" );
  printf("\n\n++++++Item zero changed *********\n");

char TestArrayOfStrings()
    char listof;//declare array of string
    char *p;//pointer to array of string
    int i;
    printf("++++++Print same array of strings *********\n");
    for (i=0;i<MAXROW;i++)
        p[i]=listof[i];//prepare pointer
        sprintf(p[i],"Item %c",i+65);//same strings
        printf("%s\n",p[i]);//print original array of strings

    printf("\n\n++++++Reprint array of strings *********\n");
    for (i=0;i<MAXROW;i++)
        printf("%s\n",p[i]);//reprint array of strings with first item changed


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