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Federal Cabinet (List of Ministers) Pakistan




Prime Minister of Pakistan

 Nawaz Sharif 

Ministry of Textile Industry Abbas Khan Afridi  (independent) Minister of Commerce Khurram Dastgir Khan MP Minister for Defence Production… 152 more words

5 Facts you may not know about New Zealand.

  1. New Zealand was first settled in by Eastern Polynesians, also known as Islanders, between the 1200 and 1300. These settlers developed a culture known as Māori.
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Daily Sketchbook Challenge 2015

Join this sketchbook challenge from wherever you sit your bum. Post your sketchbook pages of writing, drawing, poetry ….. as often as you like.


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Long Distance Vloggers (LDR)

There’s something I reaaaaally wanna post about (I’m dying to shout it to the world!), but I can’t yet. So instead I’m going to post about some of my favourite long distance relationship vloggers. 631 more words

Long Distance Love

UltiMaTedD CoUpLeE...

  • YUNJAE -> {Yunho+Jaejoong} Top!Yun Bottom!Jae

    • KRISHO -> {Yifan+Junmyeon} Top!Kris Bottom!Suho

      • DRARY -> {Draco+Harry} Top!Harry Bottom!Draco or vice versa

List of my favorite fanfic….

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Sweet LDR Surprises Part 5

Here it is! 25 MORE things you can send your loved one to show them the love :).

1. I’ve always thought it would be so romantic to be sent on a scavenger hunt around town, so naturally I thought about how I could send my better half on one. 1,413 more words

Long Distance Love

Sweet LDR Surprises Part 4

This has been requested and it’s been a long time coming anyhow, so here it is! A gajillion more things you can do/send to your far-away beau to remind them of your undying love (and in the case of treats, to fatten them up for winter).   1,128 more words

Long Distance Love