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Top Ten Tuesday: Best Horror Shows

The paranormal intrigues us all and the need to find out more drives us to look for good content. Anything out of the ordinary  gets me hooked and this should come as no surprise that I love the horror genre. 1,122 more words


2 Ways to be Authentic

Now as I have slowly allowed myself to become more authentic and honest within my videos, I slowly realize, more and more that there are more things that I want to hide. 254 more words


Things To Do While Job Hunting

I have literally dedicated my entire life to job hunting and it has been incredibly disheartening and horrific . No one ever prepares you enough for this experience. 308 more words


Get a Hobby

I often do two things:

  1.  Tell everyone to get a hobby, and

  2.   Feel a sense of anxiety for people who claim not to      have any hobbies…

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Best Programming Books:Every Programmer Should Read

  • Coders at Work. Learn from other programmers in a book packed with interesting interviews. A really good starting point if you are curious about life as a programmer.
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10 favourite friday looks for slayers..

Are you a slayer? Do you love fashion? Is friday your favourite day of the week? Well, thank God is FRIDAY!!!

Now alot of us know friday is casual day but you don’t have to look dull, light it up with a pop of color or bling out accessories, turn it up with your outfits ladies…