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Things You Can Do If You Are Stuck in NYC

I know New York City is where everyone wants to go and live their dreams but not in summer. Especially when its freaking 86 degrees out there. 800 more words

10 Best Waifu's of Spring 2018 Anime

I wrote about my personal favourite waifu’s of the Winter 2018 anime season so naturally with this season coming to an end we’ll be covering my 10 best waifu’s of the Spring 2018 season! 901 more words


Reasons to swipe left

Politically apathetic
Vague status updates
Used the term “friendzone”

Eats chocolate:
still skinny
Says jazz is for hippies

Got kinda drunk
last New Years’
Has a new iPhone… 29 more words


My Summer Bucket List

Since it’s June and the Summer heat is on the rise, I figured I might as well tell you guys what my Summer bucket list is for 2018. 128 more words


Random Good Feelings

Just in case you need it on this glorious Friday evening, here’s a toast to life’s little pleasures:

* When you really need the loo, and you finally get to go! 76 more words

Life And Writing

5 Ways I Keep Creative

Today I want to discuss what I do to keep myself in a creative mood. Now as a creative person I want to claim that I’m always ‘on,’ but that just isn’t true. 1,621 more words


6 Things I Struggle With When Deciding My Ratings for Books (and by Struggle I Mean Have an Existential Crisis Over)

I struggle with a lot of things.

And one of those things is: RATING BOOKS. Some books I know right away what to rate and don’t hesitate for just one second, but others take so much time and thought and even after that I’m STILL slightly doubtful of the rating. 1,321 more words