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These Are America's 100 Favorite Books of All Time, According to Data

(Source: www.inc.com)

There’s one simple and surefire way to get smarter: Read more books. Many of the most respected entrepreneurs–from Bill Gates to Elon Musk… 1,036 more words

Money Matters

How to Float Notes Over Application Windows in macOS

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

This makes for a convenient way to reference an existing note while writing an essay or report, for example. It also comes in useful if you want to take notes when researching something online. 493 more words


Building a network of women and nonbinary cognitive modelers

Here’s a (maybe not so well-kept) secret: I’ve got a PhD in modeling! No, not the posing kind, I constructed computational models of babies’ minds and behavior to better understand their early language acquisition. 480 more words

Lessons Learned From Fighting the Borg

I know now that the kids who used drugs were not cool… just cooler than the ones who didn’t…

Treating other people with the same respect I would want for myself turned out to be a great way to trick idiots into doing what I wanted. 235 more words

25 April: World penguin day

Our beloved happy feet stars, speedy swimmers and fluffy fellows have a specific day after their name to celebrate their existence. Yay.

Here are few interesting facts about the cutest birds on the planet. 226 more words

Everything In Between

Desert dreaming: my arid landscape bucket list (part one)

Throughout my life I have realised I am obsessed with deserts, an arid landscape really seems to inspire me. They make you feel small, yet part of something larger, and provide the gentle stimulation needed to pick up on the subtle nuances that make them so beautiful. 623 more words


The Perfect Match

Cerise had had her share of disappointments- like most other online-dating adventurers. She was picky. She didn’t date much. Out of twenty or thirty outreach emails, only a couple of people would actually fit at least some aspects on her list — what she was looking for in a partner. 253 more words