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Fork in the Road: Backup Plans

It gets to a certain point of unemployment where you ask yourself the age-old question… Should I go back to Study? Thinking about it makes me cringe but also feels like it’s one of my only option. 521 more words



As a child, my love grew for this amazing genre exactly ten strange years ago. Looking back there were so many great movies that came out in 2008. 243 more words


Favorite Horror Games

I started this blog as a place to talk about video games, but left the door open to talk about everything nerdy that I like. That was 2016, when everything I did was about gaming. 1,215 more words

Movie List 1.2

A year ago today I posted my movie list of classics and suggested films that I wanted to see. Now, with over 130 titles on the original list, there was no way that I was going to watch them all in a year (especially considering all the new movies that have come out, the old movies that just need to be seen again, and the movies that just sort of appeared alongside the films on my list without actually being on the list). 360 more words

Daily Life

Happy-Sad Scale

Most people feel emotions, I don’t. That’s why I watch people react to situations and gauge what I think makes them happy and sad. With my collected data I decided to post my list of what makes people the happiest and step by step each thing makes people less happy all the way down to utter sadness, not to be confused with udder sadness which is how you get bad milk. 143 more words


27 Things I Have Learned.

Hello and welcome to my little home here on the internet.

As of yesterday I turned 27. No, I don’t feel old. I don’t actually know how I feel about being in my late 20’s. 625 more words