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SoRory-al ComParis-ons: A Geller-Gilmore study

As you know, I came out of the Gilmore closet a month ago. And I want to thank everyone (Gilmoreans or otherwise) who read, liked and shared the article for your acceptance and nod of approval. 1,060 more words


7 songs I'm currently obsessed with

I’m a big music nut. I need it in my life, otherwise I don’t feel complete. I listen to a lot of music, and I even make my own. 758 more words

Don Henley

11 Reasons why it's Perfectly Acceptable to Eat that Chocolate Bar

I feel like a hypocrite for writing this post because I have such a big issue with my weight and body image. I’d say it dominates most of my life. 1,126 more words


16 signs you are definitely not a people person...

Its not your fault you just prefer Pugs to humans, it’s just not…

1) you secretly pray on your way home from work that nobodies in so you can sit and have a cup of tea in peace. 283 more words


July Monthly Chit Chat

July News

My family kicked off July with a new baby and my brother came home from Hawaii for two weeks! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to keep the baby – my aunt was a surrogate carrier for a friend who could not carry to term. 462 more words



We are back with a new little «Tips and Tricks article» for the business oriented category! Majority of people testify they struggle to focus. And because the people who are dynamic, ambitious and business oriented constantly need to focus on their goals and on the hard work. 149 more words


My bucket list

We all have things we want to do or achieve in our lifetime so here is my list of some of those things… because lets face it if I was to write the whole thing we’d be here hours.. 130 more words