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New Phone tactics

So I got my phone yesterday at a fabulous price. I kept thinking, does the box give me all that I need? Yes it gave me the quick guide on how to power it up and put an SD in it, but other than that it doesn’t really tell you anything. 318 more words


A Letter, My Love. That you shall never get.

Dear Boy,
Dear dear stupid boy,

I love you. I know you don’t love me. And that’s okay.
I want you happy, and healthy and to have everything you ever want. 161 more words

Love Problems

Shut up and dance - Friday 5/22/15 Song Suggestions List

Introspection is all fine and dandy but sometimes, you just want to let loose and groove. Nothing more needs to be said than that, right? 282 more words


10 reasons why it is great to be married to an Ultrarunner.... (purely fictional - and absolutely NOT anything my wife has written... At. All).

I’m sure that most of you are ultra-runners. Or runners who are getting up to Ultra-distance (isn’t that what we¬†call it?). Anyway, you will see that this is written so that it can be applied to men, or women. 456 more words


Day 29: lesson #2 Have a plan, Stan.

Yesterday, I left off with my two returning college kids moaning about no food in the house.

We have food in the house, but there are two different things that make them believe otherwise. 775 more words

Moving to Mississippi

Came across this list today of 26 Things To Know About Mississippi Before You Move There, & it’s just a bit disconcerting to read concerning my home state. 3,267 more words

50 Things You Shouldn't Have In Your House Because You're a Man

A man is what most males should evolve into, as they grow and experience life and get out there and learn how to be self-sufficient, self-reliant people and masters of their own domain. 554 more words

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