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How to Save Mother Earth

Sorry. I hate to break this news to you, guys, but we’ve got no choice left but these:

1) Stop the use of plastic. Period. 171 more words


My "Impossible" List

So I recently stumbled upon a great blog written by some guy named Joel Runyon who lives the way that I would like to live. He posted this list of all the things he wants to do in his life. 452 more words


I feel a rant coming up. You've been warned.

-sigh- You may have seen our little episodes here and here or you may not have. I’ll be adding more on top of that. I’m.. not yet at the end of my wits as I’ve previously stated. 909 more words


18 Instant mood lifters

1) Pizza Express email you to let you know there’s 25% off. Perfect, because all you really want in life is a pizza and their divine salad dressing. 312 more words

If I Was Running For PM.

In my therapy writing group we were given a task to write a list of polices that we would put into place if we were PM ( Prime minister). 171 more words

15 Great unscripted movie scenes

It has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog unfortunately. So I decided to come back with a list of some of my personal favorite unscripted scenes in movies. 2,435 more words

Top 10 Things I Miss from Tennessee

Since moving from Knoxville to Los Angeles, I’ve certainly experienced my fair share of homesickness. While I love my new city (hey, I can lettuce wrap anything, my electric bill is about $35 per month, and buy any alcohol on Sunday!), it’s clear that some things are just better in Tennessee. 450 more words

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