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Types of Metals

I was going to make my first real post a how-to guide for someone who wants to start stamping, but I have recently become really frustrated with buying blanks that don’t work out. 282 more words

Best Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

In the modern days, you may not believe in “9 to 5” jobs where you are able to come home on time. I can remember my father who could come on time almost every day from school (he is a retired teacher). 734 more words


Ten things nobody tells you about having a new born baby

Carrying on from my list about pregnancy (see how much I really do like lists…) I thought I’d do one about new born babies seeing as my little girl is now 2 weeks and 4 days old. 1,026 more words


My Happy Playlist

Music is one of my favorite parts of life and these are just a few of so many songs that instantly put me in a feel-good mood! 799 more words


My favourite... British Shows on Netflix

Ahh Netflix, my old friend! I recently did a favourites post on Netflix Originals but there is so much more on Netflix as well as their original shows. 585 more words


I started watching anime when i was young, like when I was 10 or 11? And then a few years later I discovered that animes are actually adaptions of mangas!? 199 more words

Anime/manga that i'm currently Watching/reading

I read a variety of manga, from shounen to shoujo , so here is a list of anime/manga that I’m currently reading/watching and from this list, I will compile some reviews and recommendations, so stay tuned! 90 more words