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“I didn’t hear that part” by Julia on the 84

Monday November 13, 2017
5 minutes
overheard on the 84

Oh he says he loves me needs me wants to squeeze me
Holds me shows me deep down knows me… 65 more words

50 Things to do in Banff National Park

Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest Park and was established in 1885. It consists of 6.641 square kilometres of craggy mountain peaks, glacial lakes, Icefields, glaciers and small alpine villages visited by over 3 million visitors annually. 729 more words


First lines

These following five books are my TBR (translation: to be read) for now until Christmas break. Five seems like a small number until each number represents (give or take) two hundred fifty pages and then you magically have a stack of books right in front of your eyes. 847 more words



So hopefully you have read my post “The Beginning” before this. Otherwise I would strongly advise you to in order to get some background information. Unless you just want to read my lists. 318 more words


Deck List Breakdown, U/B Tempo Pirates (Standard Showdown)

So, for my first proper post on this blog, I figured I’d breakdown the deck I’m playing in Ixalan Standard Showdown – U/B Tempo Pirates. 492 more words


Top Five Favourite Awesomenauts

I’ve had lot’s of fun with Awesomenauts over the years. Seeing its ever-expanding roster get bigger with new, creative characters was one of the reasons I kept coming back to it. 1,140 more words