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BOOK LIST | Books I've Been Meaning to Read For Far Too Long

I’ve been actively using Goodreads since 2009 and somehow I still haven’t read most of the books I added to my to-read list back then. I can’t even tell you why, either. 1,139 more words

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A list a day challenge and Day 1 list


This week I’m challenging myself to write a list a day for 6 days.

I thought it would be a nice way for those of you who read the blog to get to know me a bit better and a way for us to interact as I would like to know more about you as well. 86 more words


Fall 2016 Song Playlist

Fall is right around the corner!! You can easily tell how excited I am about the fact.

To me, fall is all about the crisp breeze, the rain drops, the hot coffee, AND good music… 358 more words

#ReadThemAllThon Update: Week 2

Sunday August 21st 2016

Once again, this was a day of reading absolutely nothing. I helped a friend at a fundraiser she organized and it was a busy, but fun, day of festivities! 326 more words


10 Bucket List Trips for Families

Bucket list. When I was younger I never really understood what this meant. I later learned it came from the term “kicked the bucket.” This is also known as, died. 1,589 more words


10 Book Tropes I Need to See More Often

A month ago, I wrote a post about 10 book tropes that need to go away and I received a lot of agreements as well as disagreements. 1,135 more words

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#topten #whatchuwant #barber #memes

#topten #whatchuwant #barber #memes


* I did not make the pictures in this post. Some people made these pictures and put them on their websites and then some other people stole said pictures and put them on their websites which is really out of order. 18 more words

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