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Listen to Your Heart, Chapter 12

A quick “housekeeping” note.  My blog is going to be going through a few changes (upgrades) this week and will be down for a few days.   2,857 more words

Darcy And Elizabeth

Inspired by the Sky and a Short Poem

Today, is just one of those days that everything is coming into place and focus. Where I finally am understanding the lesson of the waves, what being patient feels like, and trusting in everything else that is outside of my own control and willpower- acknowledging that and feeling that (turns out) are two different things. 269 more words

Helpful Insights

Recognizing the Wave

There is much to be learned about the ebb and flow of oceans that we can take as lessons in daily life- such as how the tides rhythm follows that of the moon’s cycle-, but most importantly how the tide itself has ebb and flow. 359 more words

Helpful Insights

Music From My Holiday...

I recently got back from America, a gruelling two-week driving trip around 7 US states, (which I’ll write the highlights of soon) where we kept hearing the same songs on the radio so I thought I would share the ones that are stuck in my head! 394 more words


What everybody wants?

Most of us usually end up doing something which we never wanted to do in our life. Its the circumstances which makes us to do our unwilling works. 64 more words