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Wisdom 6:11

Desire therefore my words; long for them and you shall be instructed.

In any close relationship we have intimate, two-way conversations. Do you have such a relationship with… 144 more words

Today's Contemplation


Which inner voice do you listen to most often?  We sometimes may miss a tremendous opportunity by listening to the wrong voice.

Think of all of the modern conveniences we may not have if the inventor didn’t ‘try’!  118 more words

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The voice without words

Today, I got that feeling along the spiky edge of my gut instinct.  As I exited the parent toilets at our little old local-yocal shopping centre, a 30ish year old man walked in. 521 more words


There are many
places where
one can tread
outside the lines,
float adrift, and
get themselves
a bit lost in
this world.

But my friend- 31 more words


Knowing It Comes Back Around

Thoughts from Mind Connections Today:

I am fortunate enough to read a lot of different blogs and to find motivation and inspiration from them. Today I found some great topics without looking very hard. 235 more words


The Organ We Love - How The Heart Works

Being the strongest muscle in the body, the hearts purpose is to pump blood through our blood vessels through rhythmic contractions. To regulate blood pressure and volume, the heart secrets “ANF”, which is a very powerful peptide hormone. 273 more words


Your heart knows what is Best for you.