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Listen to Your Heart, Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Winnifred Fitzwilliam, Lady Matlock, alighted from her carriage and straightened her pelisse before taking the proffered arm of her son.  2,645 more words


Lessons at Eighteen. Part 1

It’s been almost 6 months since my eighteenth birthday. Even though I didn’t have a surprise birthday party or a birthday party at all, for that matter, my life has been surprising. 562 more words


Don't Settle

Don’t ever settle for less than what you deserve, or else you’ll get even less than what you settled for. You are no man’s consolation prize. 85 more words

Letters To Talya

Listen to Your Heart, Chapter 5

Links to previous chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Lady Catherine’s eyes turned once again toward Darcy.  “She is beneath you.” 2,446 more words


Follow your dreams

Listen to your heart.

Go with your gut instinct.

You hear that sort of thing a lot. Be careful about overthinking, relying on your brain too much. 651 more words

Listen to Your Heart, Chapter 4

Links to previous chapters:  Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Anne cradled her teacup in her hands, warming them. She inhaled deeply of the fragrance. 3,608 more words


Confessions of a Recent College Grad

There are some moments in life you look forward to, work so hard to get to and then when they finally arrive you wonder if the journey to the destination was better than the view from the top. 680 more words