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High, graceful, tormented, low

Endless worry and rumination are the enemies to living in the present moment.
The search for happiness is sometimes the main reason for unhappiness, so try your upmost to start living your life the way your heart craves, don’t wish it away by waiting for better days ahead. 99 more words

Food For Thought.

Coffee Shop Communion

I got the idea for this project in a coffee shop. I brought a book my sister had given me to my favorite place to read and write (Peet’s) and during the couple hours I was there, two different people decided to sit down at my table: first a middle aged man, then an older woman thirty minutes later. 539 more words

Critical Thinking

How to Discover the Truth Within You

If you want to discover truth, it is a good idea to take a look at yourself first. I actually don’t mean this in the same way that people say, “Just listen to your heart” but in a different way entirely. 539 more words

Critical Thinking

Happy New Year

Happy 2017 to all the wonderful people in this world. I hope a lot of you have a new years resolution some people think this is not important but it is. 101 more words


There’s an old saying,
“Listen to your heart.”
Mine is calling to me.

Not just a whisper,
but a persistent rhythm loud and clear–
a shout-out for the attention it so deserves. 28 more words

Lesson #14: The Voice Inside Your Head 

Ever been in a situation that just didn’t feel right ? How about being unable to shake a feeling that things are somewhat off ? Or my own favourite- being with a person that just makes you feel wrong ? 282 more words


Maybe If We Quiet Our Minds, Our Hearts Will Finally Listen

Sometimes I wonder if we have the answers inside us, all along. Like we know, somewhere in the deepest parts of ourselves, where we should be headed, or who we should be with. 497 more words