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Do what you relish, Relish what you do.

Learning the questions and forgetting the world,This is what is expected regardless of children’s dreams,

Why do some families pressurise their child to do something they don’t want to? 250 more words


Listen more – look less – for sure.

My Philosophy

Finding Clarity From Within by Philip McKernan (Video)

Stop looking for secrets about areas of your life you want to improve upon, stop dreaming about other people’s “success”, and stop seeking the clarity about YOUR life elsewhere. 169 more words


Let me tell you about darkness

Here I am, writing a blog on changing our lives, feeling the need to motivate fellow humans to listen to their hearts and act upon it, however difficult and illogical as it might seem, yet with the bumps on our road so far, I had let… 1,847 more words

Our Life Changing Story

High, graceful, tormented, low

Endless worry and rumination are the enemies to living in the present moment.
The search for happiness is sometimes the main reason for unhappiness, so try your upmost to start living your life the way your heart craves, don’t wish it away by waiting for better days ahead. 99 more words

Food For Thought.

Coffee Shop Communion

I got the idea for this project in a coffee shop. I brought a book my sister had given me to my favorite place to read and write (Peet’s) and during the couple hours I was there, two different people decided to sit down at my table: first a middle aged man, then an older woman thirty minutes later. 552 more words

How to Discover the Truth Within You

If you want to discover truth, it is a good idea to take a look at yourself first. I actually don’t mean this in the same way that people say, “Just listen to your heart” but in a different way entirely. 552 more words