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Searching for Love in ALL of the Wrong Places

Many of you are familiar with the song, “Searching for Love in All of the Wrong Places” by Johnny Lee;

“I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places, 1,412 more words

You only have to listen.

Since writing yesterday, the icky chest feeling has subsided and I already feel lighter and more free.  It’s funny how acknowledging your feelings can do that, huh? 906 more words

Don't Ignore The Voice Inside

Ever hear a little voice inside of you?

No, not the kind of voice that tells you to go do something awful/dumb/that could land you in jail. 606 more words

Feed Your Soul

Answers aren't in the mind

I remember years ago hearing this statement and then and now agree.  Many of us are smart enough and have a brilliant mind yet there do seem to be times that an answer that makes sense and feels right is illusive.  525 more words

Spiritual Writing

Live Your Life

May you listen to your heart…and follow.

(Listen to my song “Listen to Your Heart” on YouTube by clicking HERE)


Mark 6:4… 234 more words
Today's Contemplation

I am not enough because I need you to notice me

As soon as I do something to gain an audience or recognition from someone outside of myself I am failing myself because what that really says is: “I am not enough”. 696 more words

Life Changes

GROW: ‘This Year, Don’t Let People Shame You For Wanting To Grow’

If you want to grow, go on and GROW! Go for grow! And don’t let anyone shame you for wanting to do so.

Lots of love,


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