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Improve your listening - for real

If you find listening one of the hardest skills, know that you are not alone. The quest to improve listening is almost as intense as the one for the Holy Grail. 780 more words

Study By Yourself

Gravity Falls (S1E6) - ESL worksheet

Gravity Falls S1E6 “Dipper vs Manliness”

I think teaching with Gravity Falls is a good idea, because the majority of kids are familiar with the show, so it’s very likely that some of your students have seen at least a few episodes. 141 more words


Tips for understanding spoken French

Do you find it difficult to have a decent conversation in French? Is it really hard for you to understand spoken French? You’re not alone! Here are 20+ tips for speaking and understanding spoken French from… 1,111 more words

French Listening Comprehension

Day 27. The NeverEnding Story - Bullies scene

  1. Watch this scene carefully.

2. Go to the file called “VIDEOS” on laclasse.com and download the “BULLIES SCENE” worksheet. Do the exercises… 26 more words

6th Grade

Day 26. The NeverEnding Story - Breakfast scene (Opening scene)

  1. Look at this poster and describe what you can see:

2. Go to the file “Vocabulary worksheets” on laclasse.com, download “Fantasy creatures” and do the exercise… 33 more words

6th Grade

9th grade - Day 24, June 2020. Dream jobs (5/6)

WARNING: This lesson might take you a while… You can split it into two (If so, do questions 1 to 5 first, and then the questions 6 and 7 some time later). 97 more words

9th Grade