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Amanda Tastes - Modern Chinese Cooking

Everyone is busy and the world is hectic and constantly demanding, and sometimes we just need to carve out a little time for ourselves. My favorite way for a long time has been to search through Youtube to search for cooking videos. 222 more words


爱玩客 - Exploring Chinese Cuisine

There is no shortage of travel videos on the internet created by western voices visiting China and making suggestions on what to eat, but it is always interesting to see what people from a country recommend and share with their fellow citizens. 212 more words


Dress codes (3) - The history of the hoodie

This is the third activity of a thematic unit on dress codes. It consists in a TED video about the hoodie. The speaker offers a personal account of the garment’s history, using a broad definition of what a hoodie is (any piece of clothes with a hood attached). 323 more words

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Dress codes (2) - Work dress code

This is the second activity of a thematic unit on dress codes. This document focuses on dress codes in the work place. Thinking about notions such as respectability and corporate image will encourage them to consider more broadly the norms about clothing. 273 more words

Comprehension / Expression

Screen time for children - Intermediate / advanced

In favour of limiting screen time

No limits in Screen time: What happens?