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Love and relationships - Advanced

Love and relationships:
Videos we’ll be watching in class:

And this is a highly recommended talk for you

Another interesting video, because it’s conversational and real English


ELEMENTARY ADAPTED STORIES 43 "У блондинки нет сумки Gen"

В выпуске 43 простое описание одежды по картинке. На картинке
три разные девушки Катя, Маша и Лена. Все они красивые, но разные. Какая у них одежда? 48 more words

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Korean listening comprehension observations

I watched the recent episode of PD NOTE because it covered the vote rigging controversy surrounding the Produce series. I recorded all the parts I couldn’t understand or wasn’t sure of while watching and asked someone what the hell they said. 1,611 more words

Adventure Time (S1E4) - ESL Worksheet

Episode 4 – Tree Trunks from Gvtertje on Vimeo.

I found that Adventure Time works really well with teenagers. First of all, because many love this show, and also because language here is really something they’d encounter on a daily basis. 308 more words


Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the World

This is a listening and speaking activity in which students watch a video about the 10 most beautiful places in the world and they answer some questions. 47 more words


The Chinese Music Playlist

Welcome to the playlist! We have collected an ongoing playlist featuring contemporary Chinese artists and songs popular in Taiwan, China, and the Chinese speaking world. This playlist features artists from different genres, from pop music to indie to rap and hip hop. 14 more words


Technology these days - Intermediate / Advanced

Watch the video and do the activities:

Watch the videos and mention the historical milestones she mentions going back in history.

Watch the game between the Millenial and the Baby Boomer (do you know what those words mean?) and check the objects they mention: