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Death and Transformation

Frances writes on this Sunday’s readings : Each of our Lenten readings speaks of death in one form or another. Last week’s readings reminded us of the extraordinary love of God for his creation and now we are being led further into the mystery of God himself as we are led out beyond our temporal mortality. 983 more words


Thought for the Day - Look Who's Talking

If we are genuinely meant to be “followers” of Christ, our prayer times need to consist of more listening than talking.  His word tells us that, “My sheep know my voice, they listen, and they follow.”  Our desire to express our will to Him isn’t as essential as His desire to express His will to us.

Thought For The Day / Quotes

The Busyness of Ministry: How to Stop and Seek God

Last night it snowed here in Georgia.  And I mean it snowed pretty good (well, for the South at least).  At our house we got about 3 1/2 inches of snow (some parts of our county got 6 inches).   768 more words

God's Calling

To Fight, Run, or Wait

I despise making life changing decisions. I so want to make the “right” decision, that the process nearly paralyzes me. Making a decision is infinitely harder when my whole family is involved. 553 more words


Coincidence or God?

If God speaks to us in all these ways, how do we know when it’s God speaking to us, and when it’s just coincidence? 491 more words




When the only

Thing we can say


“I’ll pray.”

Doing so

Is enough.



When the need

Far outweighs our


“I’ll see.” … 111 more words

Faith Life

Offended much?

Last night was the third time in less than a week that God put this word in front of me, so I guess He’s trying to make a point. 1,216 more words