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How Do You Break Up With Someone If You Already Promised Them Forever? By Rachel Russo

Question: I’m dating a girl who is really nice and we’ve been with each other 6 months now. I know she loves me but I’m not into it like she is anymore. 401 more words

Finding The Courage to Express Your Authentic Truth by Diana Rose Kottle

Being an Authentic voice of change, especially when it’s hard to even speak above the deafening roar of unconsciousness, of judgments, of social programming, can be what breaks through the collective illusions: dissolving the veils of separation; awakening those who are asleep; and reminding those who may have forgotten, what incredibly powerful, spiritual energetic beings of light, we all truly are. 1,362 more words

Intuitive Clarity by Philip McKernan (Video)

In this video Philip discusses the gateway to intuition and the barriers that prevent us from tapping into it.

Intuition is such an important gift that we ALL HAVE and the intuitive clarity that comes from this place far outshines the more intellectual clarity where we think we know what we want. 196 more words

I don't wanna talk about it

Explanation kills a lot more than just art. It seems the more you sit there talking about plans, situations or ideas, the more they dwindle. Sometimes, it's impossible to communicate in any way about what you're feeling because the minute it is released from your mind, it's just not as sacred. 574 more words

Why Do I Feel This Way? Am I Being Untrue To My Heart?

Hello there! Hope you are enjoying the summer? Well I am, or at least I’m trying to. :). Frankly speaking, I have not really been my chatty energetic self these days. 669 more words

Listening to my heart & mind

It’s been a busy time over the past 10 weeks, since we closed the store and moved our classes into our new venue. I’ve very much slowed the pace personally and purposely have changed gears as we prepare our family for an adventure of a lifetime with a move to France. 628 more words

Dreams... and avocados

This morning I wrote in my journal about how I had so many dreams last night.  Many of the spirituality/personal development books I read, the authors say that writing down the dreams is essential as a practice of learning to access our subconscious self, or listening to the messages that the spirit guides give us, and for developing the relationship with our inner souls. 704 more words

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