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Finding Yourself through Self love.

So here’s a couple of things I’ve realised I need to work on in 2017!

Self Love through Authenticity!

Sounds straight forward, but many of us can be quite good at adapting to ways that we think will make us more likeable or accepted. 300 more words


Unleashing My Shadow Side // My Background

About me

Hey, my name is Schuyler and this is the blog for me to indulge and explore a shadow side of me.  What is a shadow side? 377 more words

Maybe If We Quiet Our Minds, Our Hearts Will Finally Listen

Sometimes I wonder if we have the answers inside us, all along. Like we know, somewhere in the deepest parts of ourselves, where we should be headed, or who we should be with. 497 more words


When God KEEPS whispering to you, listen

I got back from the gym this morning, opened the door to the smell of bacon & fresh coffee brewing, and I thought…man, I could really get used to this. 576 more words

Life Inspiration

#slowitdownSunday / from your heart or by the rules?

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing anything but hitting the right notes in life.

Do this.

Say this.

Walk this way.

Finish this task.

Check that item off the to-do list. 185 more words

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