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Things change

In a very recent post I talked about my toothache and how it affected my eating. One lower incisor was the problem as it had become very sensitive to the touch. 513 more words



Clear hourglass shape
Invisible embrace
Tepid blue silence
With burning defiance
Bacterial genocide
With nowhere to hide
An ultra white clean
Because of Listerine

by Anders van der Kool


Top Remedies To Get Rid Of Genital Itching

One of the most common problems being faced by men and women today is itching of the genitals.
Genital itching can be caused by some few reasons ranging from men to the women. 281 more words


Dear Tony

A month or so ago, a video went viral all over social media, of Tony Abbott eating an onion. Yes, our Prime Minister was eating an entire raw onion, skin and all, for all to see. 49 more words

Couponing Trip: April 19th, 2015

I’ve been slacking on updating about my couponing because playoff hockey is more important.

I completed a trip to CVS on April 19th. This trip was completed in 2 transactions. 155 more words

God in a box

I have the song Listerine from Bush stuck in my head. You know the one they use in the mouth wash commercials “Listerine, Listerine, don’t let a day go by without using Listerine.” It’s a catchy tune I am just surprised it was done by a rock band. 405 more words