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The Man Who Helped People Stop Bad Breath...

“Write a post in response to today’s one-word prompt(BREATH)…”

For so many people, trying to get rid of all that bad breath seemed to be no easy task; But thanks to a most marvelous invention called the mouthwash, in just one swish their breaths can be fresh and clean once again…

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Recommended Mouth Washes

Ever find yourself grazing through the Toothpaste aisle, wondering what the difference is between mouthwashes? It can be time-consuming, confusing, and downright agonizing to try and find the right mouthwash. 217 more words

Maintaining Oral Health

Listerine: Bring Out the Bold

Someone told Listerine you couldn’t turn a mouthwash company into a lifestyle brand. The antiseptic rinse has dominated the mouthwash market since there ever was one. 427 more words


Listerine makes a "list" to be Bold

Take that skydiving lesson you’ve always wanted. Or do the hot yoga class instead of sitting on the couch. Just BE BOLD.

This is Listerine’s new campaign. 404 more words

Listerine faz primeira campanha global com consumidores

A Listerine lançou essa semana a sua primeira campanha global, apostando no bom humor e na interação com consumidores.

A partir de seis mil entrevistas, em países como Brasil, Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, Alemanha, Japão e Tailândia, a ideia era entender mais sobre o comportamento das pessoas. 165 more words


Sure, Fine, Listerine Is A Lifestyle Brand Now

When you think of Listerine, or of any mouthwash, what comes to mind? Anything at all? That’s the challenge in marketing oral care products: people are bored with hearing about our gum health and being shamed for our bad breath, and how else can you market mouthwash? 297 more words