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Take My Breath Away

Quite Literally. Please help me with my breath. In high school I had a breath problem and people let me know about it. Not so much anymore! 162 more words


10 Home Remedies That Really Work

Listerine To Cure Toenail Fungus
In order to cure toenail fungus just soak your feet in listerine mouthwash for 15-20 minutes, twice a day. Listerine packs antiseptic and disinfectant ingredients; so is used extensively to cure gonorrhea, blisters, …

Household Items do the Trick

By Maasi Saba

I am addicted to Pinterest.  My sister kept telling me to try it when I was on bed rest during my last pregnancy.   830 more words

Maasi Saba

Trusting the Internet: Should I really soak my feet in mouthwash?

Well, I’m supposed to be cleaning the bathrooms right now, but honestly, I don’t feel like it, so, I decided that I’d check Facebook for a few minutes. 586 more words


Listerine Distance Check Turns On The Magical Experience For Those Who Came Close

Exploiting the studies on proxemics, Listerine demonstrated the existence of a physical distance within which you cannot feel indifferent towards other people, approximately 60 cm. J Walter Thompson, Rome called it, the Listerine Distance. 97 more words


What A Waste!

In their wisdom, the makers of Listerine have decided that what their customers need is a special cup for the imbibing of their mouthwash. Now, for years, the cup-like lid has proven sufficient in this regard, but now the bottles arrive with said cup placed over the lid (and with a second layer of plastic wrap over it in addition to the usual layer sealing the lid). 167 more words

Mad World

Things change

In a very recent post I talked about my toothache and how it affected my eating. One lower incisor was the problem as it had become very sensitive to the touch. 513 more words