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3 movies I used not to like

Sometimes you watch a movie and you’re too young to appreciate it. Or you’re just not in the right mood. Or you don’t understand it. And that’s enough to make you dislike a movie. 440 more words


4 movies I love that people don't

So I have a tendency to enjoy movies that are not well-liked (at least not by the people I know). Some of them seem to be loved by many others, either people I kinda knew from school or based from articles I read on the internet. 602 more words


Another 5 favourites

I love a lot of movies you know? So I thought I’d make another list of favourite movies, because why not eh?

The Big Lebowski  556 more words


Favourite summer blockbusters

Summer is on its way, which means summer 2016 blockbusters are coming too. I thought I could make a quick little list (I do love lists don’t I?) of some of my favourite summer blockbusters, once again in random order. 614 more words


Childhood favourites

Here’s a list, once again in no specific order, of movies I really enjoyed as a kid. Some I still do, others I haven’t seen in years, but they were all the best movies ever at one point in my life. 950 more words


5 favourites of the moment

Hello gals and guys (why did I start like that though)! So this is my first “proper article” on this blog of mine and I thought I could make a short list of 5 movies that I really enjoy at the moment. 707 more words


BAC ORAL Docs & infos

Exemples de problématiques, listes de documents et retour sur les documents de cours postés en ligne.

https://beeoclock.wordpress.com/2016/01/24/how-to-organize-your-notes-for-bac-oral/ 175 more words