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Halloween Week Day 1 - Part 2: Top 5 most annoying horror movie clichés

1. The jump-scare

In older horror movies, jump-scares are not that annoying; most of the time, they are put to good use, whether the scare is a real one or not, and there is not one every 10 minutes or so. 454 more words


Le pouvoir de l'écriture des listes

Pourquoi faire une liste? 

Ecrire simule la partie du cerveau (Système d’activation réticulaire) qui contribue à filtrer les informations. Ainsi le cerveau sait sur quoi il doit se concentrer et sur quoi il peut se déconnecter. 91 more words

Les Oubliés

Favourite school movies

So I just started Uni last Friday, and it made me think about those teen movies/”school” movies, so I decided to make a short list of some of my favourites. 451 more words


3 movies I used not to like

Sometimes you watch a movie and you’re too young to appreciate it. Or you’re just not in the right mood. Or you don’t understand it. And that’s enough to make you dislike a movie. 440 more words


4 movies I love that people don't

So I have a tendency to enjoy movies that are not well-liked (at least not by the people I know). Some of them seem to be loved by many others, either people I kinda knew from school or based from articles I read on the internet. 602 more words


Another 5 favourites

I love a lot of movies you know? So I thought I’d make another list of favourite movies, because why not eh?

The Big Lebowski  556 more words