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Listmania: Al's 5 Disappointments Of 2016

So for most people, the year of 2016 in movies was horrible. It was only saved by movies like Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, and La La Land. 623 more words


Listmania: Al's Top 5 Films From Spring 2016

Hey everybody. My name is Al Robinson, and as much as I love movies, I equally love making lists, especially lists about movies. Last year I became “The Listman” via… 582 more words


The 2016 Movie List

The older I get the more out-of-step I feel with the film industry.  In a year of kiddie animation and cinematic super heroes, I saw only two of the year’s top twenty grossing movies and most of the movies I did see were at independent art houses.   1,583 more words

Popular Culture

The Songs of 1968

Was 1968 the greatest year in popular music? To me that seems self-evident, unless you want to claim 1967. Or maybe 1969.

OK, so I was 14 years old at the time and it is well-known that the most meaningful music in your life is the music that was popular when you were in adolescence and beginning to have a sexual awakening. 1,179 more words

Popular Culture

Got an image?

This little postcard doesn’t have a ‘home’ yet in my own teaching, but I am putting it out as an open resource for all to use. 468 more words

Directional Strategies

The Worst Looking New Fall TV Shows

So I did a “The Best Looking Fall TV Shows” post the other day so it only makes sense that I do a post for which shows look pretty terrible from their trailer/preview clips. 578 more words


Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate The Greatness Of Amanda Waller

The SUICIDE SQUAD movie is right around the corner (and I have already bought my tickets!) and even though I have already done a post… 1,019 more words