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Fecha de vencimiento.

Hay amores cuyo recuerdo no posee fecha de vencimiento, amores de verano, de sangre, de la vida, simplemente amores en nuestra historia que al ser escritos se afincan tan fuerte que la marca del lapiz permanece en el resto de las hojas, porque se clavan dentro. 89 more words

Next Steps: Listo

With two iterations down, a few interviews conducted, quite a lot of ideating, building and testing done, we have finally gotten to a point where Listo has gotten mature as a UX project. 90 more words


Test Again: Testing Listo Out with Michael

With all the preparation in place, and with the first iteration behind us, I’m now more ready than ever for testing Listo again, but now with Michael! 147 more words


Build Again: Prototyping with Marvel

In the first iteration of Listo, I used Pop Apps to prototype on paper and create interactions between my wireframes. While Pop Apps was cooperative on the first iteration, it wasn’t on the second. 332 more words


Build Again: Listo's Second Wireframe

With the ideation process redone, it’s now time to build again! Wohooo! There’s always something fun about being able to start from scratch, and draw up the lines again that makes me excited. 320 more words


Ideate Again: Improving the Listo User Experience

Now that I’ve gone through the Ideate, Build and Test User Experience Design Process, it’s time to Iterate! Time to look at where I can really improve, see what I missed the last time around, and really build an awesome app for all! 313 more words