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Seven Things You Need to Stop Doing Online Immediately

Sometimes I ask myself, “Julia, why are you so cynical?”

And the answer is, “Because I sit online all day and watch people posting things that are annoying to me, personally, and therefore the rest of the world, probably.” 438 more words


Five Feelings All Long Distance BFFs Recognize

I’ve been in long distance friendships since the 8th Grade. When I was 14, my best friend moved all the way to Australia. We weren’t even able to hang out before she left. 980 more words


13 Questions I Have for Married People

Dear Married People,

Often I am confused about your existence. Not that you exist, which I am grateful for, but your existence as a functioning, happy couple… 669 more words


Four ways social media makes us really bad Christians - Part II

Part II of Four Ways Social Media Makes Us Really Bad Christians. Click here to read Part I. 

3. Social media is an idol.

When I’m stressed, I find my first reaction is to get on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 712 more words


Four ways social media makes us really bad Christians - Part I

I came across the darndest verse the other day, one I had no recollection of ever hearing before.

It went like this: “And Jesus said, ‘All those who love me must work hard to be heard and seen, earning for themselves an impressive amount of followers and selectively engaging with those who also bear an impressive amount of followers whom you will glean value and self-worth from.’” 835 more words


15 thoughts you have right before going on a first Tinder date.

I guess I should begin my first admitting that yes, I am in fact on Tinder.

I’m not sure how it happened. My friends had left me unsupervised one Saturday night, and as I was sitting by myself watching  618 more words


Six things I remember when I'm feeling down.

I know it’s hard to believe that anyone who eats as much ice cream as I do could ever feel down. And while I admit that my usual annoyingly energetic disposition is fairly consistent with how I’m feeling on the inside, I did in fact have a rough couple of days this week. 423 more words