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Can I Cuss? And Other Questions About Appropriate Christian Behavior

If you have ever been around me when I have had more than three gin and tonics, you know that for some reason I secretly love the F-word (sorry, Grandma). 744 more words


Seven Things You Need to Stop Doing Online Immediately

Sometimes I ask myself, “Julia, why are you so cynical?”

And the answer is, “Because I sit online all day and watch people posting things that are annoying to me, personally, and therefore the rest of the world, probably.” 438 more words


Five Feelings All Long Distance BFFs Recognize

I’ve been in long distance friendships since the 8th Grade. When I was 14, my best friend moved all the way to Australia. We weren’t even able to hang out before she left. 980 more words


13 Questions I Have for Married People

Dear Married People,

Often I am confused about your existence. Not that you exist, which I am grateful for, but your existence as a functioning, happy couple… 669 more words