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Nonessentials to Scavenge During the Apocalypse

Kirsten and August’s scavenging in abandoned houses from Station Eleven really got us thinking about what we would search for in the wake of an apocalypse. 656 more words


Reading Goals

We’re about a quarter of the way through the year now, so I thought I’d provide an update on one of my New Year’s Resolutions (coincidentally one of the few I’ve actually followed through with), which was to read more. 433 more words


Things My Mother Would Say When I Returned Home From Down by the Bay, Starting Shortly After the Opening of That Secret Government Laboratory

  • Did you ever see a lemur treated for a broken femur?
  • Do you ever drink the water? Swear it tastes like dextrylottar.
  • Did you ever see a salamander praying for a ship commander?
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Top 15 Things to do While Standing Outside a Restaurant Trying to Attract Customers to Come Inside, Eat, and Leave You Tips .

  1. Fashion Critique. Are two “busy” patterns too much? Is all black overdone? Is neon always horrible or just on that girl in suspenders? I get to be the judge as I watch many, many people pass on the 3 hours of my five hour shift that I spend standing in the doorway.
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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books You Recently Added To Your To-Be-Read List

While this blog is mostly a travel blog, it does have a second life as a book blog, although I must admit to having neglected that section in recent months. 409 more words


Things My Toddler Says That Make Me Want To Scream

Our daughter is only two but she does have an impressive vocabulary. In two languages. And of course most of the things that come out of her mouth are extraordinarily cute. 485 more words