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Hufflepuff Video Games

I have been doing book and game recommendations for each Hogwarts house, and today, it’s time to learn about some awesome video games for Hufflepuffs.  Since Hufflepuffs are compassionate and loyal, titles that involve teamwork and focus on character development are best suited to this group.  487 more words

Video Games

AFC World Cup 2022 second round byes

While the other teams not mentioned in Asia have to wait until September to start their 2022 World Cup qualifying cycle, it’s still interesting to see any possible momentum. 187 more words

Travel, Places, And The World

The Best Movie Stuff of 2018

2018 has been a hell of a year, and in many ways has felt like an eternity.  In that eternity, we’ve gotten a huge variety of great films.  1,886 more words


Ranking Modern rock Chart, 1997 edition

Boy, do I remember 1997, the true start of the High Clinton Years when the stock market was higher than Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction… 344 more words

50 Favorite Movies of 2018

Look, this is my blog and I can post whatever I want. 2018 was a fascinating year for movies. Smaller films fared much better than the big blockbuster stuff (especially in comparison to 2017, which had some all-timers). 199 more words

My Favorite Movies

1 Of 10 Small Things To Do In 10 Minutes: Making Lists

Spring is coming & with that comes longer days, nicer weather & a second wind of the motivation we had when we set our New Years resolutions. 1,009 more words

GG How-To's: 8 Easy Tricks To Help Limit Your Anxiety — Foreva

Everyone deals with a little anxiety every now and then, but some people truly suffer from the disorder — so much so that it dictates every single aspect of their daily lives. 636 more words

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