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I Love My Job.

May 26, 2016.

The day marked an entire year since I’d started my job working as an Instructional Aide for children/clients with Autism. It might not seem like a big deal, but it really… 564 more words


twenty dollar art supply plate

Twenty dollar art supply plate: a phone camera still life.

What did I buy at the art supply store in South Bend?

Comics And Cartooning

Singing Positions

Disclaimer: I’m supposed to be studying over the summer to make sure I don’t lose anything in the chem and bio departments, so for anyone who doesn’t care about the basic anatomy lesson, skip to the next paragraph and the pictures that look like they’re from the ESC world. 409 more words


A spot of self-examination.

Day two –  write a list

Things I’m Good At

Thinking of a witty comeback about five minutes after it is required in a conversation. 366 more words


10 Favorite Celebrity Laughs

I laugh a lot. I think because I like to laugh so much my sense of humor is very broad. Or is it because my sense of humor is so broad that it causes me to laugh so much?   69 more words