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Ranking Gerry Goffin and Carole King's American top 10 singles

I’ve placed Weyes Blood’s Titanic Rising on my list of the best albums because in its echoes of Carole King’s post-Tapestry period she forces me to hear a workaday singer-songwriting side that Joni Mitchell’s godhead status obscures. 313 more words

5 Key Elements in The Small Adventurer Closet

This post might surprise my regular readers as this blog is quite far from a fashion or style blog.

Nevertheless, when I saw Erica from… 1,363 more words


5 Beers That Will Spice Up Your Fall

Fall is here, and with it come a whole slew of different beers. Personally, Fall doesn’t really feel like it’s here untl the seasonal beers come out. 657 more words

SEPTEMBER FASHION WEEK: 5 fashion rules and the designers that are breaking them

September is an iconic month in the fashion calendar. The fashion capitals of the world hold their individual fashion weeks; a renowned series of events that ink the style blueprints for the upcoming year. 531 more words

Fashion Week

Ranking Marvel Movies!

Alrighty- I’ve finally come to the end of MARVEL PHASE 3. And I think it’s safe to say, after all my endeavours in this field that while I may not be a comic book expert, I am most definitely a connoisseur of superhero movies 😉 And to prove just how much of a boffin I have become, I figured now would be the best time to… piss everyone off by sharing my personal rankings for the movies 😉 Okay, obviously I think you all know that these are my personal opinions and not indicative of how good they are (except the one at the bottom- it’s definitely the worst- you can fight me on that 😉) but just in case you don’t… 992 more words

Community's 10 Best Concept Episodes — Paintball, Pulp Fiction, Law & Order, the Darkest Timeline and More

Ten years ago, a band of junior college misfits stopped being a study group and became a community.

On Sept. 17, 2009, NBC’s Community launched as a conventional ensemble comedy that quickly evolved into something much more. 222 more words


4 Lessons Learned From a Prospective Data Strategist

The revolution of data science has always been predicated on the power of data as a strategic decision-maker. Interestingly enough, no matter how long I stare at my SQL table, it can’t hear it telling me what to do. 79 more words

Business Intelligence