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One Week.

I have been blogging for one week.

And today I realized, that I have yet to introduce myself. I mean, I’ve shared some poems, so that’s probably a little more intimate than a “Hi, my name is..” post, but I have barely started to share my voice. 895 more words


The World's Most Beautiful Places: 100 Unforgettable Destinations

A specialty magazine from National Geographic. One thing they do brilliantly is go by subcategories, and in this case, there are 25 apiece in four categories. 100 more words

2018 Reader Challenge

Taylor Swift Albums: Ranked Worst To Best

I feel like nowadays everyone either loves or hates Taylor Swift. You either see her as this modern pop queen, or you see her as this two-faced fake manipulator. 1,526 more words


#12 Play Dead by Harlan Coben (1990)

“Play Dead” is Harlan Coben’s debut novel, but was actually the second book of his I read. Despite his claim at the front of the book that it isn’t all that great, I enjoyed it quite a bit. 371 more words


Reviewing Doctor Who (Season One)

As we await Doctor Who to return for its eleventh season, let’s take a look back at the past ten. To start off, here’s our review of the 2005 season starring Christopher Eccleston… 800 more words


reading watching listening

Why Art? – Eleanor Davis
Map of My Heart – John Porcellino
Your Illustrated Guide To Becoming One With The Universe – Yumi Sakugawa… 186 more words

Current Events

5 Ways To Have A Great SUMMER!


So I am feeling in a very good mood today as I have now finished all my exams! I have been working so hard for so long so it feels amazing to finally be done with A levels and be able to just relax for the first time in ages! 669 more words