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I need the music ... I need the music to dance

You might wonder how I came up with this title? Credit goes to Tony. For the ones who don’t know his videos:

Isn’t he just …. 191 more words


How Do I Love Celebrity: Let Me Liszt the Ways

Society loves making a huge deal of celebrities. It’s accepted as fairly normal in this day and age to find masses, usually teenagers, losing their mind at the very… 1,136 more words

No Headphones for Old Men

I have been given a pair of headphones:  A gift from the Gods!!!

In my day the only way you could hear music was live.  Nowadays?   491 more words

Love in the time of Lisztomania

As we approach Valentine’s Day, love is unquestioningly in the air, which brings a tingling to one and all. Oh, no, sorry, that stuff falling from the sky is snow, not love, and the tingling comes thanks to those cowardly groundhogs who all saw their shadows. 1,061 more words

Lisztomania (1975)

One of my great regrets is that I don’t know more about classical music. I can pick out and identify the heavy hitters, but that’s most likely due to exposure via movies or Warner Brothers cartoons. 683 more words

Movies That Do Not Suck

Ken Russell as Kitschmensch

‘Kitsch belongs to all the arts, to all man’s form of expression’

– Gillo Dorfles, Kitsch (1969, p. 26).

Ken Russell was a filmmaker whose taste was continually called into question. 1,083 more words

British Cinema