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Give the Gift of Edgar Forevermore!

Be the book nerd at the baby shower with
Jennifer Adams’s Edgar Gets Ready for Bed!

Tomorrow is National Children’s Book Day, so today’s post is all about my favorite children’s books. 340 more words


Wearable Puns: Sport a Book Bag, Old Sport!

I absolutely love my Book Messenger Bag and Book Billfold from ThinkGeek :)

One way to show off your love of books is through your accessories. 304 more words


Bury Me with Books

When I die, bury me with my books, so that you will know I am not alone, and that you did all you could. I will have my many memories with me, reflecting bits of me like stones catching the light in a brook, but that seems so little. 640 more words


Bookish Ink- My First Tattoo

I have always been an admirer of tattoos. The thought of picking something to carry with you forever, finding an image that would help explain to people just who I was, having a visual reminder of my core feelings. 726 more words


Libraries Transform

Happy National Library Week! Today is also National Library Workers Day! Here at Lit & Love Blog, we owe so much of our  lifestyle and sanity to libraries and librarians! 495 more words


Stairway to Book Heaven

I’m a firm believer that books can fix any decor problem, and this is seriously my dream for my basement stairs. My basement stairs are white-washed and get stupidly scuffed up. 114 more words


Quick Quotes- Never Belittle Mispronouncers

This hits home for me. Much in the way the world didn’t know how to pronounce Hermione’s name until book four (Harry Potter fandom, where you at?), there are certain words I always stumble over in person and feel stupid about. 83 more words