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It’s finally here. I’ve been waiting 18 years for this moment—a year of moments if you want to get technical.

I’m. 30.

I remember my 12-year-old me sitting, daydreaming, thinking, and forecasting my life and devising a plan of domination to the epic degree. 354 more words


The Kind of Peak that Never Comes Again

Now that my affair with Dracula is over, I have moved on. That’s right, I now hold a bright and shiny new book in my hand. 492 more words

Lit Life

Bram Stoker, you Son of a Bitch!

I did it, I finally finished Dracula.  Yep, I finished it several days ago, and you know what? Well, I will tell you what- I was incredibly disappointed it the ending. 564 more words

Lit Life

What's up, Drac?

I am almost done reading Bram Stoker’s gothic horror novel, Dracula, and I am anxious to see how it will end. I only have 43 pages left, and pray that a major twist will be coming my way soon. 366 more words

Lit Life

The Keys to Bookish Skeleton Decor

There’s something about old, leather-bound books that just screams Halloween. A dusty, old tome conjures up images of a witch’s finger skimming through their Grimoire to find the perfect hex or some unsuspecting colonial being accused of signing the Devil’s Book. 470 more words

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100+ Subscribers! Thank Yous & Some News :)

Dearest Lit & Love Subscribers,

Wow! We can’t believe that we have over a hundred people following our humble little blog. We just wanted to write a quick note to… 367 more words

Lit Life

Transitions and the Hero's Quest

Oh, hi blogworld. Much like Amy, I’ve been away and busy. This has been a summer of transitions. Which got me thinking in a bookish way. 735 more words

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