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Bioluminescence, Art, and Exploration

There are some really cool videos and art projects out there relating to bioluminescence.

Here are a few that I want to share: 493 more words


Why the f*%# do animals glow?!

I’ll get to the point: animals and fungi glow because they like to rave throughout the night.


The truth is, organisms glow for many reasons (raving being one of them). 410 more words


Starry Forest Floor: A journey with glowing mushrooms

In 2012, I had the most wonderful opportunity to live on a tiny tropical island in Pacific Ocean near the Philippines. Although I could tell you a thousand things that happened, there was one night that stands out in my mind in a surprising way. 238 more words


The night I first saw bioluminescent mushrooms

Back in the day I was obsessed with StumbleUpon.

(In case you haven’t heard of this amazing website: you sign up, add all the topics you are interested in, and click “stumble” on the top of the page. 928 more words


What is 'Lit Life'?


I’m going to put energy into a new project called “Lit Life” It’s going to be a fun way for you to be mystified and entertained about bioluminescence–animals and fungus that GLOW IN THE FRIGGIN’ DARK. 112 more words


Zimmer #3: No Spotlight But Still Slaying

One of my favorite musicians was the Black female electric bassist who slayed the ENTIRE Zimmer concert. I have been mesmerized aka have developed GirlPower crushes on female bassists because it’s just the most amazing thing to watch. 495 more words


Perseverance is Key!

I’ve been in transition the last 4 years in Los Angeles.  I’ve moved a total of 10 times, from living in a house with 14 strangers on a bunk bed, to a studio on my own, to my best friend moving from Seattle to stay with me– we had 1 mattress on the floor, 2 tables, two chairs, and a handful of silverware, to eventually moving into a friend’s living room curtained off, to living in my car, to moving with my two best friends from Seattle in a 1 bedroom penthouse in Hollywood, to a high-rise condo with a stranger that became a friend, to a friend’s loft downtown, to a 2-bedroom apartment in Sherman Oaks and then West Hollywood with a new found relationship that took it’s own journey, to now a studio again, but this time on my own. 312 more words

Lit Life