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She has a virgin butthole. We had to go to surgery. The doctor didn’t make us, but we had met our deductible because of the baby; so we only had one shot, and Musette had dreamed of this moment. 326 more words


sandtrap world

I did not hate them

that came much later

& there are always degrees of that

nor despise

more that they stood in my way… 83 more words

fecklessness at its least best

he knows what he has to do

as does she

& what we have here

is a race to be least feckless

each of ‘em… 74 more words

Quicksand Memories

She tiptoes on broken memories, but laughs when she almosts falls through them. A game of the most precarious balance but the reaching swamp of ink doesn’t quite scare her anymore. 140 more words


Dictation [The Dictator 2.0]

Frothing mouths
clench their questions,
lick clean their myths
like bloodsoaked tines.

Trembling hands
clench their quills,
shake their empty pens,
shattered useless foils.

Paper armor… 43 more words

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The night I first saw bioluminescent mushrooms

Back in the day I was obsessed with StumbleUpon.

(In case you haven’t heard of this amazing website: you sign up, add all the topics you are interested in, and click “stumble” on the top of the page. 927 more words


A-Z Book Tag!

  1. Author you’ve read the most books from? Hands down, Sarah Dessen.  I’ve read everything she’s ever written. Her books are my biggest inspirations.
  2. Best sequel ever?
  3. 524 more words