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if you are looking for a sign

for a reason to stay alive tonight

this may

might not be it

there were times I too

did not want the next day

tried to find the ways… 202 more words

A Happy Person

I have once again been told that I seem like such a happy person, and every time I hear those words, or any similar, it makes me want to cry. 135 more words


Ghosts [2.0]

A soundless void
A dark space
A starless sight

My body roars
My body ignites
My body illuminates

The sky full
The space cramped
The eye alight… 38 more words

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Pasta Barbaresca at Drifters Brewing Company

Pasta Barbaresca at Drifters Brewing Company, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel.

[ Price : 375 ] [ Taste Rating : 5/5 ]

Penne pasta cooked in creamy sauce with broccoli, sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, garlic, parmesan cheese and parsley. 356 more words


everyday would kill you

to feel the leaf in front of your eyes

loaded with green

saccharine & chlorophyll

your connection with it

the rest of the meadow linked in vibrations… 158 more words

waiting for a wreck

waiting for a wreck

as kids

we’d be watching

planes trail across the sky

& someone’d say

supposin’ just supposin’

that was to drop down right here… 90 more words

I look upon literature as an art, and I practice it as an art. Of course, it is also a vocation, and a trade, and a profession, and all kinds of things; but first it’s an art, and you should practice it as that, I think. 91 more words