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When A Book Is Just...Blah

I find the most difficult book to finish reading is the one that is just…blah. Blah: it’s not bad but it’s not great either. It’s good but not the type of good where you’d have fun reading it but don’t plan on ever doing it again. 351 more words


Black and white, never black and white

Your tongue is red from the blood you’ve spilt

From the words like knives in your mouth

The parchment you’ve stained with your red ink… 242 more words


saying someone is desperate sits funny in my head
though it may be true in forms
aren’t we all?
and why must we look over others… 29 more words

Dance of the Victors

See this ribbon twining,
whirling around my arm?
There is a war raging.
I’m on the losing side.

See this dust-soaked alley,
the litter blowing through, 73 more words

Creative Commons

This is a letter for a person

who was once broken, damaged,

and shattered for so many reasons;

who fell so hard with rummage,

yet still got up with such courage;

124 more words

Invite a poet to give your next commencement speech

Poet Mary Karr recently delivered the most awesome commencement speech ever.

Not that this is a category with a lot of tough competition. I cannot say I can remember anything from any commencement address I’ve ever heard. 745 more words

the war made us lovers, the war made us widows
learning to love loss is not vain, it is survival
now we fumigate hope on a turnpike, after each breath… 14 more words