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That’s what the night‘s for. The night time is the write time. I’ve got to make progress every chance I can. I’ve got to get a rhythm going here. 677 more words


Colum McCann on creating memorable characters, from Letters to a Young Writer

There are certain figurative bipeds still clucking around in my head. They come from the book Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann, and they’re as alive as when I first read it in 2011. 278 more words


dust whorled room

Smelling the damp

in the flaking brick

the brown stains dried

where the rains penetrated the roof

now peeling the faded wallpaper

there on the worn stairs… 60 more words


I was tired

is my excuse

needed five minutes

after battling traffic

saw a space on the side of the road

between parked camper vans… 79 more words

stand By Jacquese Armstrong


i stand
because a multitude
of ex-slaves
nursed my wounds
bandaged my head
as i lay in
catatonic blue.

the mind is
a lonely and complex… 117 more words

Literary Magazine

We are planets

Today you sent me a message that broke my heart
I know it broke because I heard
all these little glass splinters
fall like rain over my ribcage and into the pits of me… 98 more words


In Dreams

Day after day, monotony;

identical events again and again,

and we sit through this tedium daily.

We’re born an empty vessel for ennui

and our lives fill us up, slowly; 142 more words