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Growing Older (Spoken Word)

Growing older,
I tear
off the skin
my education
gave me.

Plato won’t teach
me how to
deal with my

Pythagoras theorem
won’t help me… 161 more words


Kiss me, Kill me

She told me she loved me

Then she rearranged all of my pieces

To fit her sharp edges

And I thought we would fit together so well… 38 more words


Love Hurts

Bloody knees

Swollen lips

A little bit of acid

Coming up

A stomachache

A heartbeat so fast

When did falling in love

Start to feel like this?


Zadie Smith - White Teeth

“…They cannot escape their history any more than you yourself can lose your shadow.”
Zadie Smith, White Teeth


Reflection Rambling Entry 3: The Acting Company's Production of Macbeth

Here is a rambling babble I had about Acting Company’s Production of Macbeth. These are short quick responses I wrote on the night of the play. 392 more words


Enya - #86

Enya - Things that seem less real the more you look and listen to them. As if the very being that they posses is a mirage that you expect to melt away the instance you take a step towards it. 26 more words