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James Croal Jackson: Southbound in February (poetry)

Southbound in February

Almost swerved to Akron

to delay our southbound silence

before another car skidded into steel.

We smoked exhaust

with sedans which scrunched… 105 more words


Bill Teitelbaum: Busted (fiction)


Except that he’d been arrested everything would have been fine, Walter Roman said.

He’d been home for several hours by then, but now that supper was over and the boys were next door at the Bensons watching a ballgame, he asked Dorothy to sit down with him at the kitchen table. 4,060 more words


Robert Okaji: Scarecrow Pretends (poem)

Scarecrow Pretends

How may I claim another’s earth for myself? My perpetual

stance invites occlusion of the senses and a certain disregard

for dignity; I flap in the breeze and bits of me scatter across… 190 more words


Joseph Musso: Declassified Documents From the Man...

Declassified documents from the man who lives in the cardboard box in the alley, #10,601

FROYD is my name. I’m a dreamer and sexual deviant. I want to kill myself but I’m a pacifist, and therefore prohibited from doing so by my own moral   tenets. 545 more words


Hongri Yuan, Translated by Yuanbing Zhang

The Interstellar Kingdom

Sometimes I see the sky smiling at me

The clear empty, the clouds of flowers

like my old soul

watches my figure in the world… 134 more words


T.O. Davis: An Army of Dogs (fiction)

An Army of Dogs

Mac checked his phone; it was almost time to pick up his daughter. He walked out into the sticky afternoon. He did not put on shoes, and the sidewalk was cold, damp and then rough and hot – stinging his soles until they were numb. 1,045 more words


Nicholas Soluri: Ragabum Blue (poem)

Ragabum Blue

Blue, she comes when the

whole house is quiet;

unrestricted and immense.

Walks through the door and

gives a kiss to my cheek… 93 more words