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Hours slip out of and back into the television. The Man in the High Castle still hasn’t finished The X-Files, but the dog needs food. … 138 more words

I get in the shower with Musette which causes me to remove my DECA shirt finally and throw it to the ground along with my crotch rotted boxer briefs. 27 more words

I wake up wearing the same orange DECA shirt that I’ve been wearing for the last few days. I don’t even take it off when I go to sleep anymore for fear of the weird feeling the bare mattress has against my skin. 127 more words

Show & Tell

If she runs when you’re still standing still, chase her.

When her voice trails off and her mind begins a trail of what ifs, guide it back. 118 more words


The Me Nobody Knows

At this point of our journey, I feel like I owe you all a confession: I write, too. It’s a confession because I don’t usually tell people, in fact none of my friends or family knows about it. 229 more words

The First Time I learned Its Name By Talicha Johnson

The First Time I learned Its Name

that movie, A Beautiful Mind, was on the
television, and at some point—maybe during

commercial break—my sister said to me, 186 more words

Literary Magazine

Life for me is existing so much online. I am a virtual entity on the brink of manhood. Children being formed in the spirit world. It is scary. 98 more words