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Call me nameless

Because the letters that pour from your mouth

Once I could have sworn were familiar

Look like sin falling from your lips… 69 more words



when people go

when important people go

they bring a part of me with them

but when people go

when important people go

when important people go silently… 18 more words

Take advantage of moments sprung, not all may be worth the anxiety. But others will mean the world to those who presented them in the first place, I do not know this for sure.. 129 more words

Lickey Hills Writing

This week we have been writing about our Lickey Hills trip.We are really pleased with the children’s work .

What We've Been Up To .

Amy - #114

Amy РThe tiniest difference, like finding a voice that sings out things you may have heard before but in it you find a new experience. 50 more words


And I lose my doubt when thoughts are heard. And I realize even if it is not enough I will continue to share and question what I need to. 71 more words

And when it returns to me, it feels as new as the day of its first arrival. Smiling and dancing as if alone in the mirror, and this makes me feel here. 154 more words