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Baltimore By Alex Dang


I don’t know what you
expected would happen.

Drop a glass on the floor and it breaks.
Put fire to paper and it burns. 118 more words


Bjorn - #187

Bjorn – Having the ice in the veins, when every muscle is screaming for you to run away. When the tension begins to boil the mind and you feel like your back is against the wall, finding the calm withing you to see it all through. 14 more words


Wet Hair by Michael Shields

I grew angry, genuinely, with a sneeze today on the train. It was my own, and it rattled me wholly. It was as if I was smacked hard across the face. 1,005 more words


A New Quest

Welcome back to Kahquah Base Camp ~ Our theme for the whole summer.  This week’s programming theme is “The Andes,” and I’ve got to say that Brooklyn and Cameron have done a spectacular job decorating the dining hall.  368 more words

Kids Camp

A Moral Allegory

These flames are more beautiful
than any of the burning canvases,
the filth on which they feast.

These flames represent freedom:
freedom from decadence that rusts… 82 more words

Creative Commons

Training Wheels and Little Blond Curls #StolenMoments

From time to time you’ll see Stolen Moments show up on the blog. Words forgotten and misplaced, poetry, anticipatory memories, prose, joy and sorrow, pensive emotion, random and not so random thoughts scribbled in tattered notebooks. 110 more words


White Privilege By Lindsey Hobart

White Privilege

We wake up.
We go to work.
We come home.
We turn on the news.
We sit in silence,
reading the headlines:
Ferguson. 190 more words