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7 ~ Wasted

Meeting you made

All the time before feel

Like such a waste

I should have found you sooner

And wasted a little less.


6 ~ Away

Missing you has become

More frequent,

It’s almost as if

The more time we spend together,

The less I can bare to stay away


5 ~ Gentle

So tender, your touch.

I have never know gentleness

To be this way,

Not until your eyes and fingers

First caressed me.


4 ~ Envelopes

Sometimes, I just wish

I could place all my love inside

A million envelopes,

All addressed to you.


3 ~ Slowly, Then At Once

Nothing is sweeter

Than two becoming as one.

Slowly, then at once.


2 ~ Time

Time will choose it’s pace,

And you all the memories

Linking it’s footprints


1 ~ Calm

Calmness comes swiftly,

When one cares for another.

For love welcomes peace.