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Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day gives us all a chance to remember and think about those who serve and protect us in some of the most horrific conditions imaginable.   211 more words

Language Arts

Student-Made Books

Classroom publishing has always been dear to my heart.  I first realized the power of publishing student’s work when I was working at a university lab school.  303 more words

Integrated Instruction

Summer Reading Camp Day 2


Dramatic story telling: I have this collection of 50 silly stories from the Miles Kelly collection. It’s full of folk tales and popular fairy tales and what not. 242 more words

Summer Reading Camp 2016

I will skip with the introductions for now. That’s what the ABOUT ME section is all about. However, I do want to document this mini summer reading camp I am doing for my 6 year old daughter and some of her neighborhood friends. 582 more words

Children's Reading


Photo Credit:  Cheetah Snack:  Photo by kolibri5, via Pixabay.com.

A cheetah is built for speed. Its long thin legs, lightweight bones, and short coat make it the fastest land mammal in the world. 517 more words

Integrated Instruction

For Natalie

Natalie’s story is actually very much based on a true moment in time that her & I shared, before Holly was born and in Pescadero. I loved this beach walk we went on, and thought to write it down later after we got home. 889 more words


High Frequency Bingo Games

During my time as a reading and intervention specialist I found beginning readers made surprising progress using short games that focused on high frequency words.  I was rather surprised by this because practicing words in isolation doesn’t really fit with my philosophy of teaching, but I couldn’t argue with the results!   130 more words

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