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U.S. Literacy

Deborah Brandt warns in “Drafting U.S. Literacy” that “when literacy links up with competition, with the need to win the war,” “this competition justifies the production of just-in-time literacy” that is, literacy aimed at meeting the military’s and…

Literacy this week

During this week we shall focus on the letter x ta’ xadina, xemx, xita, xorts, xugamani……….. can you find more words wirh initial letter x in Maltese.


RAF Visit, consecutive lessons and 'Outstanding' features!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week. I think mine has gone quite well.

On Monday I taught two lesson. I think they went ok – not spectacular or anything but still they went on and no-one died. 351 more words

Teacher Training

Term 2 Week 2 Letter w Part 1

The second letter for this week was letter w – worm.

We created a story where our friend Wiggly Woo went on a journey because he had lost the letters of his name. 358 more words


Term 2 Week 2 Letter z

One of the letters of this second week 2 was letter z – zebra.

This is another animal which has pattern work all over its body.  403 more words


Letter Z & Q Activities for Kindergarten

We have continued to use fun activities to support our kindergartners as they learn new letters. These past few weeks we have focused on the letters Z and Q! 137 more words

Goodbye, yellow-black read...

An appropriately literary farewell: the once mighty and ubiquitous sidekick and Checker Cab to non-readers everywhere is now parked on the clearance shelf…

A Musing...or Two