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Creating a Mission Statement

At my school, we are a Steven Covey Leadership school, meaning that we teach and try to live out the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. 657 more words

Schools, Character and Justice

Schools cannot teach character while we perpetuate injustice.

I’ve just read some fab posts on teaching character: Summer Turner’s nuanced piece challenging the view that character is superior to knowledge in ‘real life’ and  896 more words


Writing Poetry.

We are writing silly poems about the great outdoors. We have used back to front ideas, alliterations and rhyming words. Can you write a back to front idea?


Illustrating Poetry.

We are painting illustrations for silly poems we are writing about the great outdoors. Can you write a silly poem?


8.2 Reading Literacy and Reader Development

In my (still draft form) PPDP I have colour-coded the ten areas I want to work on for Chartership.  The system is pretty simple:  red for something I know next to nothing about e.g. 308 more words


Literacy Beyond Literacy: A Civil Society Engagement, Dr. Robert Zuber

Editor’s Note:  These remarks were given at the Leonard Tourne Gallery in New York City, run by longtime friends of our office, which recently featured the art of Christel Ibsen who graciously arranged for this discussion.  656 more words