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This is my four hundredth post on extrasimile. It is also my 69th birthday. It seems appropriate to include the first ‘poem’ I ever wrote (slightly amended)—if that’s what it is. 363 more words


Interview with ABC Capricornia: Adventure, experience, participation

On my last trip to Rockhampton in Central Queensland, I was interviewed by Chrissy Arthur of ABC Capricornia. We talked about some of my projects in Australia and New Zealand, the role of public libraries in 2016, and this year’s upcoming Fun Palaces across Queensland and worldwide. 60 more words


Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Learning keyboard shortcuts allow you to use a computer faster and makes things a bit easier. The following is a list of common keyboard shortcuts. Note that you must hold down the keys at the same time in order for them to work.
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How to Create and Rename a Folder

  • Creating an organized file system is important to maintain your computer’s contents. It’s easier to find your vacation photos when you can have them all organized in a folder for that specific trip.
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How to Upload a Video to Youtube

  • Go to youtube.com
  • Sign in using your google.com login information
  • Click the upload button on the top right of the page
  • Pick the level of privacy you wish the video to have …
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How To Make a Gmail Email Account

  • Gmail is a free email service that can be used to keep in contact with friends, family, and work acquaintances.
  •  Go to google.com
  • Look in top right corner and click the sign in button…
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How to Zoom In or Out on a Page

  • Sometimes the words on the screen can be too big or too slow to see.
  • The zoom tool allows you to get a better vision on the Internet to match your preference.
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