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Does your child HATE reading? Here are 5 Tips that will help your kids to form an everlasting bond with books!

There is no magic potion that will help your kids to love Reading. Parents usually buy board books for their babies in the hope that kids will love reading. 538 more words

Child Development

The Curse of Literacy

I hate you.
I hate all of you
For delivering upon me
The curse
Of literacy.

Now I read
About love
Loss of hope. 121 more words


Learning to Read

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Nancy Burkert

When I was a child, infants were not set down before flash cards to drool over words like… 621 more words


Rene Schillinger - The Stages of Literacy Development

As a teacher, it is important to know the stages of reading development when developing materials for the classroom. Rene Schillinger is an educational professional who has been committed to helping schools train their teachers in literacy. 251 more words


Games and Literacy

The combination of elements including music, interactivity, and human agency, reveals an emerging digital literacy integral to gameplay, based on the interpretation of symbols. Music itself creates meaning through it’s dictation of emotion; a high paced piece will mean gameplay is interpreted as stressful or at least high paced; a slow pacing will produce the opposite effect, and the infinite combination of notes and time signatures means an infinite number of tones can be produced. 429 more words

Digital Literacy

Skimming, Scanning, and Illiteracy

The French started using the term “desperer: to be dismayed, lose hope, despair” in the 1300s, an especially horrible century, filled with plague, years without summers, and the 100 Years War. 677 more words

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