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Getting Existential at Strawberry Music Festival, Pudong

The Strawberry Music Festival SUCKED this year. The lines were barely bearable. The food was edible but not really enjoyable.  And the music was uninspiring and at times even painful. 58 more words


Fighting for Faithfulness in the UMC: A Response to Adam Hamilton (Part 1)

Yesterday I came across an article written by Adam Hamilton (you can read it here). The article seems to be part of a series of posts leading to a Methodist convention held every 4 years. 1,408 more words


Bruce Winter on the Presence of Rhetoric (Or Not) in Corinthian Correspondence

Translating Truth: The Case for Essentially Literal Bible Translation is a collection of papers originally presented to the Evangelical Theological Society in 2004. Each of the five authors was part of the Translation Oversight Committee for the English Standard Version (ESV). 751 more words

Please do not play pranks on the Aspies

This is not a joke. I don’t know any way to make it plainer than this.

“Aspie,” in case you do not know, is a word commonly used within the community of people with Asperger’s Syndrome, as an informal term for ourselves. 53 more words


body of work

A literal body of work is by the pornographer.


SAS and Literals

There are three types of literals in SAS that are frequently used. They typically follow the format of being quoted and having a letter at the end. 277 more words

Day #7 The great fruit and vegetable fiasco!

When Master T knows he’s correct … he is emphatic and relentless at ensuring that everyone is clear and have their facts straight and accurate!  Neurotypical peers for the most part seem to be able to let go and move on … but T cannot leave these things unresolved.  279 more words