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A return to the origin.

A literal usage of language, if it is to take on life of its own, must find a metaphorical expression.

Note to Self: Be More Specific

When you wake up on a Saturday morning, and you see that instead of his usual choice of Pop Tarts, Pringles, spray cheese on Ritz, or Oreos for breakfast, your son has made himself a box of Kraft Dinner, you feel a sense of pride. 71 more words


Silence Filled the Room

Silence filled the room.

This statement is just not realistic.

The room I am in is relatively quiet.

The air conditioner makes small puddles of noise, bird song delicate and sweet dashes in and out of the window, small, easily missed. 182 more words


Eating seasonal small dog in Spain - a story of hongo y seta

Actually I didn’t really find ‘small dog’ on a menu even though Google decided to translate¬†perrochicos as ‘doggy’. But one can never be sure what is eaten in other countries. 1,530 more words


Makes You Think VII

The past, the present and the future walked into a bar. It was tense. This week I bring you the latest from the classroom:

Bite your tongue… 320 more words