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A Deadly, Despicable, Deceitful, Devil-filled Surgery !!!!

When I first published New Poll: Do You Think The NIV Translators Have Taken Too Much Liberty With Their Translation Of The Holy Bible? I was amazed at the number of alterations and brazen adjustments that Keith Piper was able to identify in the New International Version Bible. 1,287 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

I took two different views of this week’s movement challenge:

 Implied and Metaphorical Movement: 

These images are my movement under and past a flowering tree on a bright Spring day. 157 more words


Scientists can make you feel literally invisible


Many people have experienced the feeling of being invisible – in the metaphorical sense, at least. Maybe you’ve felt like your voice wasn’t being heard, or the object of your affection won’t notice you despite all attempts. 439 more words

Daily News

Why is Creation so important?

On the last two Sundays of March the Everlasting Truths broadcast team aired two hours of discussion about Biblical creationism. Biblical creationism is the belief that the account of creation found in Genesis 1 and 2 is an accurate record of historical events that occurred as described in those two chapters. 609 more words

The Bible

The meanings of “literal.”

Literal truth is, to be quite literal, truly a contradiction in terms.

I don't believe Genesis 1 describes a literal seven-day creation: Can I still be a Christian?

By Jonathan “JP” Patterson

Okay, I admit the title is simply an attention-grabber. Only a Fundamentalist would tell me that I ought to re-examine my salvation. 1,471 more words

Geaux Therefore

compare with

Use with when making a literal comparison (which will almost always be the case in our reports). The industry’s revenue compared with US GDP… Compare to… 17 more words

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