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Cherry on Top, Literally 

A Rainier cherry on top of Ted the bear’s head.

Shot specifically for the Weekly Photo Challenge Cherry-on-top

(Spoiler: Don’t read this piece about the… 20 more words


The Problem with Biblical Literalism, Part Two

(I actually wrote this one first as more of a rant, so I may repeat myself.)

Biblical literalists make me want to slam my head into a wall. 803 more words


I think I left the faucet running

I’m getting too freaking heated discussing religion lately.  Made my mom cry.  I need to just let it go maybe but the inconsistencies are tearing me aPART, Lisa. 109 more words

Literal or Figurative? What’s what...

Literal or Figurative? What’s what…

Literal language means exactly what it says, while figurative language uses similes, metaphors, hyperbole, and personification to describe something often through comparison with something different. 170 more words


Does Paul Spiritualize the Concrete?: The Great Shift Exemplified in Colossians 2:8-3:4


Click for Text Here: Colossians 2:8-3:4

Gospel Precedents and Biblical Background of Spiritual Elements in Colossians 2

I. One of the great markers of the New Testament Gospels is the translation of concrete and historical Old Testament realities into spiritual and historical realities: 1,030 more words


Cracked Matador

  • Describe the scene.
  • Why is the bull in the shop? How did it get there?
  • How is it feeling?
  • How will the owner of the shop react?
  • 44 more words