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Read What You Read?

Ever read the word read and wonder if you read it right? So you go back and read what you read and discover it was read correctly as read the first time you read it? 583 more words



The fact that we have to say “this or that is LITERAL” shows we are operating in an environment of deceit, because  it is saying that everything else is NOT literal, so cannot be taken at face value, therefore it is deceitful. 473 more words


Words Mean What They Mean

New Video up on my YouTube Channel. Going to do more of this, including reading some older posts.

I literally thing using some words figuratively is a big part int he collapse of societies. 94 more words


Literal, Literally

Traditionally, the word literal has been used as an adjective to describe the textbook/dictionary definition of something. Our society today is so full of hyperboles and comparisons that if one uses ‘literal’ as a predescription to something, he or she implies that his speech is of its purest form, defining something for what it truly is. 146 more words

What does “by his wounds you have been healed” mean?

All languages contain figures of speech where words have a figurative meaning instead of the literal one. The same is true for the Bible. It’s important to correctly recognize figurative language so we don’t treat figurative language as though it were literal, or treat literal language as though it were figurative. 2,051 more words


New Jerusalem (2 of 2)

(Continued from yesterday)

The dimensions of the New Jerusalem are given in Rev 21:
Rev 21:16-17 The city is laid out as a square… 580 more words

Bible Q&A

New Jerusalem (1 of 2)

Q. What is the meaning of the foundation stones & dimensions of the New Jerusalem? Is it literal or symbolic?

A. The foundation stones of the New Jerusalem are described in Rev 21: 379 more words