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One Stanza Poem 173

Sign, sign –
Everywhere a sign –
But none of the literal kind –
Only metaphorical signs –
Which are only in my mind – 125 more words


Hey Logic! Take a seat! You're too literal.

I always chuckle, but then question myself when someone posits absolute negatives as imperatives. Thinking: “What did he or she mean by that?” For example, when a self-help guru tells you, “There are no rules,” that is when my brain does that doggie “urrr” sound, while curiously tilting my head to the right and left. 219 more words



it’s hard to refute
an idea that becomes
a literal fact



The words scatter

A mixed crowd, jumbled

Lumped, piled, heaped

Anxiously awaiting

The big fight

The standoff

Between literal

And metaphorical

Both weighing in

For context… 33 more words


Our Language: Non-literal Communication and Why we "Fake" Ourselves


I am naturally a blunt person and not very tactful and because of that I don’t have a lot of friends. I always prided myself of saying things the way they are. 2,460 more words