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Bible Translations and Hermeneutics

It’s become almost a rite of passage to engage in the “translation” debate on which Bible translation is the best. Often, the dignity of a translation rests upon the loudest voices, or salvation through the survey, or “whatever is being handed out for free” at the local church. 2,483 more words

Bible Study Tools And Hermeneutics

How We Read the Bible: And How the Pros Do It

It has been my intention in this series thus far to flood you with information, to show you all the different approaches to the question How do we read the Bible? 1,348 more words


You can stand under my umbrella (aka back to school!)

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning brown on the pavement outside the window where I’m chugging coffee and typing. The weather feels like it has taken a turn for the windier and my sandals have been firmly packed away for another year. 1,042 more words

Autism Challenges


I wrote a lil’ thing and felt like singin’ it as an experiment. Here are the words:

Roses are flowers, not just symbols
They’re more than their presence… 80 more words


Total Eclipse of the Heart... the Literal Video

This is too funny! Ever wonder about some of the silly or dramatic things you see in music videos? This is a literal interpretation of Bonnie Tyler’s actual video. Check it out…


Mumisms: Things My Mother Used To Say

Parents have a language all of their own. Some phrases we understand, like ‘NO, YOU CAN’T’ and ‘I’M GOING TO COUNT TO TEN’ but there are other things we haven’t a clue about because they don’t make sense. 915 more words


What is the difference between options and choices?

The thin line between an option and a choice is that of the freedom to make a decision. Option is limited in nature and is generally decided upon. 705 more words