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Mumisms: Things My Mother Used To Say

Parents have a language all of their own. Some phrases we understand, like ‘NO, YOU CAN’T’ and ‘I’M GOING TO COUNT TO TEN’ but there are other things we haven’t a clue about because they don’t make sense. 915 more words


What is the difference between options and choices?

The thin line between an option and a choice is that of the freedom to make a decision. Option is limited in nature and is generally decided upon. 705 more words


Learning how to autism

Another Cub moment, we are reading Sleep Book by Dr Seuss before bed last night. He gets upset because the characters aren’t real animals. I reply “this book is pretend.” He gets quiet, looks confused, stares hard at the book for a minute and says “it looks real to me.” (Meaning the actual book not the story)English is so hard for literal minds.  267 more words


Llama Fetus Leads Ghost Recon: Wildlands Players On a Literal Witch Hunt

(Source: kotaku.com)

The latest update for Ghost Recon: Wildlands contains a creepy Easter Egg that promises to send players on a witch hunt (literally). 449 more words


The Big Reveal — Revelation, Part 1

Sir John Tenniel | Public Domain

The Book of Revelation is filled with hard to interpret visions and symbols, partly because its audience was experiencing a time of intense persecution. 43 more words



This scripture on ADULTERY is a good lesson on literal interpretation of the bible.

The scriptures are intended to be literal and metaphorical and parable and similie. 470 more words


Monday Mealtime Musings...being literal.

I’ve probably posted about this before, but we are very much in the midst of a very black and white phase with our toddler so the fun just keeps on coming.   247 more words

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