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naranjas escarchadas: Subtle difference between confitar and escarchar

Looking at recetas provides a different universe of cooking/food terms than looking at menus. I say this without “proof” but just as my subjective observation looking at a lot of both sources. 1,056 more words

Spanish Food

Something different: Ingredientes

As I’ve mentioned I’m using various sources to extract side-by-side Spanish (Iberian) and English food/cooking/cuisine terms and phrases. Since my goal is useful translation of menus that is my primary source. 922 more words

Spanish Food

No Cabecilla Asada for me, thank you

On my virtual trek of the Camino de Santiago I’ve almost made it to Burgos. So I’ve started digging through menus there. In order to find anything useful I need restaurants that have websites with text menus. 491 more words

Spanish Food

Responding to The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy - Debate 1 Part 1

Debate 1: Ron Rhodes asks, “Should Bible Prophecy Be Interpreted Literally or Allegorically?”

  • 1. The Hermeneutics of Bible Prophecy: Literal or Allegorical?

Knocking Down False Views… 882 more words


One Word Sunday Challenge: Literal

Debbie over at Travel With Intent blog has a One Word Sunday Challenge and her topic this week is Literal.

Qi (energy) hugs


Cee Neuner

Interpreting Scripture: Remove Body Parts That Lead To Sin

Scripture is interpreted in many ways, and the scripture talking about plucking your right eye out or cutting your right hand off is no exception (Matthew 5: 29-30). 31 more words


One Word Sunday: Literal

A definition of literal can be ‘accurate, faithful, true, genuine’….

So I give you a literal view of  a magnolia:

Linked to One Word Sunday at Debs’ … 33 more words

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