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“People say I have a period face” (Tom Hiddleston)

Judge for yourselves, ladies and gents:

I would say 1920s myself, although I bet he gives good late-18th century too (dedicated to my friend M, who has never quite recovered from the fact that both Benedict Cumberbatch and Jamie Parker insist on being married to women who aren’t her). 1,316 more words


Sense and Sensibility

Before there were films, there were books. And in fact, before there were good films, good books usually proceeded them. Throughout the month of September, I’ll be paying tribute to my favorite literary adaptations in cinema. 511 more words


Gemma Bovery (France 2014)

Gemma Bovery faces similar problems to Tamara Drewe (UK 2010) but with the added twist that this is a French film – so a whole new range of assumptions and potential prejudices arise. 654 more words

French Cinema

L'Astragale (France 2015)

(This is the second film from the Summer of French Cinema – see the earlier posting on Vie sauvage. I’m hoping to get to one more before the screenings end in the first week of August.) 739 more words

French Cinema

1995 Project: Sense and Sensibility

Prestige Literary Adaptations and Costume Dramas are not interchangeable terms, although we often associate one with the other. I think most people made this equivalency in the early nineties, when there was a sudden spike in the audience’s demand for elegant movies that were adaptations of British literary works in period settings. 1,014 more words


Jamaica Kincaid's Lucy

If you know me much at all, you know that I love old books and new books, that I gravitate toward novels that are at least a hundred years old, as well as extremely contemporary fiction. 436 more words

What I'm Reading

1995 Project: The Bridges of Madison County

Earlier this year I found myself defending the movie adaptation of E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey. The movie received almost unanimously terrible reviews. I think, in part, because people were ready to dismiss it based on the reputation of E.L. 459 more words