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Suddenly, I noticed an old crone sitting on her doorstep, alone and clutching her bloated neck. She wailed in delirium, her skirts stained with the blood of a burst sore. 735 more words


People write and blog for a multitude of reasons.  Up until September 24 2014 I hadn’t written anything other than a shopping list. Yet I sat down and started my book. 514 more words

Self Publishing - Is It The Only Way?

I’ve recently been building my profile online through the medium of Twitter and Facebook. (Yes, click on the links to follow me!)

In doing that, I’ve been joining lots of writers’ groups and entering into discussions.   217 more words

"Once Upon a Time"

“Once upon a time, in a land far, far away …” Can you imagine opening a new book, turning to the first page, and reading those words?   316 more words


Book Launch: Darker Places

A few years ago I met this wonderful author, Shaun Allan, and today his newest book, Darker Places is launched into the public sphere. He writes mainly in the horror genre and belongs to Myrddin Publishing Group – the same group as me. 188 more words

Book Promos

First Five Frenzy with Whitley Abell of Inklings Literary Agency


If you’re like me, you toil for hours editing and fine-tuning the first pages of your manuscript. You look at the first lines to make sure they are compelling and tight.  1,045 more words


Well, I just wrote (or struggled to write) the first draft of the synopsis (or what passes for a synopsis, I hope) of my manuscript. To be honest, brevity when describing the major events of my manuscript isn’t my strong suit. 172 more words