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How To Query A Literary Agent

Congratulations. You have completed your work, but now it’s time to take it to the next level, and for most people that means finding an agent. 586 more words


Somebody Pinch Me

Welp, guys.  It happened. IT happened.

I girded my loins (I love that phrase so much), read, re-read, and polished my queries, fretted for days over a dozen versions of a synopsis, and, after I finished those, I read my space opera romance enough times, my eyes bled… 1,739 more words

Literary Agent

Running before I can crawl?

Speak to my agent!

A phrase seen on television or in the films by starlets flouncing off to their trailer. Whatever that actually means,

At over 60,000 words into a book, thoughts idly turned last night to what I’m going to do in the incredibly unlikely event that I manage to write enough words, manage to make it readable, manage to keep enough words after several edits and manage to convince myself that someone else would like to read it. 365 more words


The final lap...

“Been around that track a couple of times but now the dust is starting clear…” ~Dead Horse, Guns N’ Roses

Last week I officially finished draft three of my manuscript. 226 more words


On Being Unplugged

So for Reasons, I decided to spend this last weekend unplugged. The rules were no cell, and no cheating by using my computer or iPad to check email, Twitter, texts, Instagram, etc. 498 more words

My So Called Y(oung) A(dult) Life

Handling Rejection Like A Pro.

No one likes to accept rejection. In all honesty it sucks. No one wants to be told that they are not good enough. A “ 262 more words


Beta Readers: the Good, the Bad and the Awesome

I’ve had a bevy of beta readers for the book I’m getting ready to query. I’ve gotten a lot of notes back and I’m still waiting for some, but as always, I’m learning a lot form this process! 610 more words