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The Catcher in the Rye: Chapter 8-11


Holden is sitting alone on a train to New York when an attractive older woman boards and sits beside him. Noticing the Pencey sticker on Holden’s suitcase, she asks if he knows her son, Ernest Morrow. 912 more words


On The Necessity of Irony: A Deceptive Poem

On The Necessity of Irony: A Deceptive Poem
The Necessity of Irony would imply a humorous poem with a sarcastic bite. Instead, we are greeted by Eavan Boland’s masterpiece; an unexpected, though not unwelcome, poem exploring the regret and sadness that so often comes with age… 1,594 more words

Eavan Boland

Some Thoughts About Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist

So. Much. Hype.

Written by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, and published in 1988, this short novel exploded as an international bestseller roughly around 2009, when it was translated into sixty-seven languages. 1,224 more words


In and Out of Time

Due to my literature studies background, I love looking back and analyzing trends in the field. Some of you might recall my Monster Culture Series… 770 more words


Get Ugly: A Literary Analysis

Tonight I’m going to start an ongoing series of posts where I, a man with an English Literature degree, will analyze and translate popular songs that my daughters subject me to both at home and on the road.   2,957 more words


This site is unique, in that it is not an online school, but rather the educator’s resource. Although I am a teacher, and I do offer specialized contracted editing or tutoring on a case-by-case basis, the main purpose of this website is that it contains several helpful links that will lead to grammar, writing, and editing instruction sites. 140 more words


Sexism in Hamlet

One argument that continually floats on through the years, unobstructed and often disregarded, is that the women in Shakespeare’s plays are actually well-developed, interesting characters who serve as major symbols in whatever work they occupy. 1,246 more words