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How to Write a Literary Analysis Workshop on 2-28-17

Good literary analysis offers readers a new way to look at a piece of literature by encouraging them to look at the text in a new way. 26 more words


Mentor Text Wednesday: In Praise of the Secondary Character

Mentor Texts: “In praise of Joanne Rowling’s Hermione Granger series” – Sady Doyle

Writing Techniques:

  • Character analysis
  • Applying a critical lens
  • Voice


I am re-reading the… 1,245 more words

Mentor Text Wednesday

Kingdom Come--A Reflection

“Armageddon has arrived.”

Those who have been fortunate enough to dive into Mark Waid and Alex Ross’  1996 DC Comics miniseries, Kingdom Come, will never forget the splash page of Captain Marvel standing over an old, frantic, and bloodied Superman. 3,092 more words

Comic Books

Loss, the Cross, and the "Lord of the Flies"


Rational thought: Piggy of the “flashing glasses”
brought by the goddess, “flashing-eyed” Athena.
The release of Promethean fire,
Isolation from modernity: the adolescents,

Savagery at the core of humanity… 69 more words


The Burn Journals: A Review

I had started reading a book called The Leopard and I just could not get into it. Not even a little bit. Since I’m on a very strict reading schedule to finish my goal of 100 books in 2017, I don’t have time to piddle around with so-so books. 294 more words

Monster By Walter Dean Myers: A Book Review

By: Rachel Lyle, February 17th, 2017

I am an English Literature Student at DelVal, so I take a large amount of literature courses. One of these many courses is one that I am currently taking called Young Adult and Adolescent Literature. 583 more words


4 Ideas: Using Mentor Texts for Literary Analysis

Using mentors to teach literary analysis makes sense. Beginning in elementary school, students are engaged in some form of literary analysis. In fact, my second grade daughter, works out her analytical muscles on the regular. 1,219 more words