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To Read or Not to Read: Thoughts on the Pleasure of Literature

Throughout this course thus far, the idea that I have found the most interesting is the question of what is literature? What exactly is it that we enjoy reading, and why? 725 more words

Early American Literature

Lessons from the Native Americans: Historical Significance of Origin Stories

Origin stories of various cultures and places serve as reminders of historical diversity. Native American origin stories highlight the diversity within their culture, and these are mirrored by origin stories from other cultures that point to cross-cultural similarities. 1,345 more words

Early American Literature

Reviewing Periods: Seventeenth Century, Enlightenment, & Romanticism

Literature is often taught and discussed in light of different ‘periods.’ These periods help to categorize literature based on the time period, subject matter, writing style, and conventions of that period. 1,188 more words

Early American Literature

Evaluating the Qualities of Pleasurable Literature

One of the biggest things that I have learned in this course is to evaluate a piece of writing for its literary value, and analyze what it is about that work that makes it either informative, pleasurable, valuable, or invaluable. 1,810 more words

Early American Literature

At the Intersection of Queer and Environmentalist: A Queer Guy Meets Ishmael

Environmentalism. Queerdom. Two seemingly unconnected topics that are at the heart of so many issues currently plaguing the world. Join me on a journey of discovery as I lay out an argument for how the two are intrinsically intertwined using ideas from Daniel Quinn’s novel  23 more words

Not Merely "Two lovely berries molded on one stem"

In A Midsummer’s Night Dream by William Shakespeare, the main character of the play are almost interchangeable, adding to the delightful confusion and hilarity of the play. 548 more words

Literary Analysis

Year of Mystery Novels, Part 2: Mystic River

For my second mystery novel of the year, I decided to do Mystic River by Dennis Lehane. I know this was a really famous movie when it came out, but somehow I went into this not knowing anything about the plot or mystery at all. 697 more words