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Philosophical Thoughts

I feel like I’m already digging myself in a hole by starting off with a title like “philosophical thoughts.” Such a title lends the opportunity for this post to be either  mind-numbingly boring, excessively garrulous, or just straight up pretentious. 1,214 more words


Who Tells Your Story: POV in Hamilton

Through a combination of persistence and dumb luck, I had the good fortune to be in the room where it happens. While this is normally a writing blog, after seeing… 1,019 more words


Poetry Critiques

Poetry is a type of artform that allows you to write it faster than read it sometimes because we always want a poem read twice. That makes it easy to spit out a poem and roll the dice that it’s going to be good, but hard to edit. 296 more words


The Mystery of Mysteries, part 3: Sub-genres, conclusions

(continued from part 1 & part 2)

The Sub-Genres of Mystery

Notice now that the only examples that don’t fit A, B, C, or D are Stephanie Plum, the cozy mysteries, and the two cross-cultural mystery series by Tony Hillerman and Alexander McCall Smith. 4,086 more words


Rational & connected

When I instruct freshman college classes in essay-writing, it’s clear to me that few students (usually around 18 years old) have any understanding of what it means to be “rational.” They often… 506 more words

Teaching & Pedagogy

The conventional calendar re-imagined

“Then came old January, wrapped well

In many weeds to keep the cold away;

And blow his nails to warm them if he may:

For, they were numb with holding all the day…

449 more words
Literary Analysis

A Study in Sherlock Holmes

7 March 2015

A Study in Sherlock Holmes:

A Comparison between Doyle’s and Horowitz’s Literary Portrayal

of the Famous Detective

            Even though Sherlock Holmes was not the first private detective who entered the world of fiction, he has become the most famous detective of all time. 2,584 more words

Anthony Horowitz