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Literary Analysis: Why canon texts of ecocriticism are successful

The Domestic and the Wild

Yasemin Çelebi, 6 April 2015

            In Christopher Manes’ essay “Nature and Silence”, Manes draws a distinction between the understanding of nature within animistic societies and those of societies under the influence of Western philosophy. 2,007 more words

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Literary Analysis: Orientalism in Romantic Poetry

Orientalism in Romantic Poetry

Yasemin Çelebi, 23 March 2015

                        In the landscapes of the poem “Kubla Khan” and “The Giaour”, there are patterns in the manner their poets choose to describe them. 1,667 more words

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Unearthing the Speaker’s Opinion

Yasemin Çelebi, 14 October 2014

            “Questions of Travel” is a poem questioning the meaning and necessity of travel. It can be divided into four scenes – A description of an exotic landscape, a negative argument posed on travel, a positive argument posed on travel, and an open ending re-stating the question posed previously in the poem. 1,185 more words

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Literary Analysis: Depictions of Victorian Childhood in Literature

The Raising of a Victorian Child

Yasemin Çelebi, 26 May 2014

            Being a child in the Victorian era was a distinctly different experience to the times before and after it. 1,843 more words

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Literary analysis: Morality in "Frankenstein"

On Desire in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Yasemin Çelebi, 7th March 2014

            I would argue that Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein depicts desire as not morally right or wrong, but as simply dangerous. 520 more words

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Literary Analysis: Darwinian analysis of "The Great Gatsby"

Evolution and Gatsby

Yasemin Çelebi, 20 December 2013

            With Darwin’s publication of On the Origin of Species, it was proven that the various species of the world had not existing unchanged since the dawn of time, but had in fact been created through a process of Natural Selection. 1,270 more words

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Poetry analysis: Shakespeare, Campion, Carlos Williams and the Female Figure

The destruction of the beloved

Yasemin Çelebi, 16 April 2013

            Poetry’s objective is, above all, to create new ways for people to think about the world and to open fresh new perspectives to the reader. 1,191 more words

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