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ENGL 293 Literary Analysis

For an ENGL 293 World Literatures: 17th Century through the Present, I wrote a literary analysis that compared haiku to photography. I examined “The Narrow Road to the Deep North” the travel journal of Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho, and compared it to the Genesis project of the world renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado.

Essay: Literary Analysis on Haiku


Children's Literature and Revisionist Fairy Tales - Ella Enchanted

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog (and subsequently talked myself out of it) for years, but this finally seemed like the right time to get over my fears and do it.   866 more words


FE3: Lesson Plan - Establishing Informed Interpretations via Collaborative Discussion

“What can you expect from To Kill a Mockingbird?”

For my third field experience, I was stationed at Marymount Academy International, an English-Speaking Secondary School situated in Montreal, Quebec. 851 more words

Lesson Plan

Context and the Irony of Probability

Herman Melville’s early success was mostly due to his stories of fantastic adventures in a time when death was more than some abstract, obituary entry.  More than that, Melville’s life just happened to take place on the precipice of a budding American Empire, where safety and community began to require homogeneity in its constituent parts and, maybe that had something to do with his successes and failures.  897 more words


Tarzan Research Paper

Charles B. Snoad
December 2001
Revised December 2016

Gentlemen in Distress No More: How Tarzan of the Apes Saved Modern Masculinity

In 1911 Frederick Winslow Taylor made this bold declaration: “In the past the man has been first; in the future the system must be first” (quoted in Kasson 171). 2,737 more words


Video Essays for More Authentic Literary Analysis

Today’s guest post comes from a California teacher that we met at the Southland Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference in October! 

Noël Ingram currently teaches English 10, Cinematic Arts, and Yearbook at Da Vinci Communications in Hawthorne, CA. 1,606 more words

Writing Workshop

Lessons learned from reading Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha

In reading Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, we gain a new perspective on goals, success, appearances, the present, and the self.  Through his protagonist, Siddhartha, we recognize the needs that make us human beings.  763 more words

Literary Analysis