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Some Thoughts on “Metzengerstein”

Today is one of those days where I’ve been met with a difficult story to analyze, namely “Metzengerstein” by Edgar Allan Poe.  Like many of Poe’s stories, there is a lot of symbolism to break down to fully appreciate the true nature of the tale.  1,139 more words


Montaigne & the Instability of the Self

Recently I’ve been taking a graduate course examining the writings and thinkers of the Renaissance. One such provocative writer and thinker examined was Michel de Montaigne. 1,216 more words

The End of All Things

Welcome to The End of All Things.

This blog will focus on concepts, depictions, and analysis of the apocalypse in film.  However, any analysis of the apocalypse in contemporary culture requires reference to other popular media such as documentary sources, fiction, non-fiction, static imagery, etc. 179 more words


Literary Analysis: The Forest or the Trees?

At first glance, close and distant reading are opposite, inharmonious approaches of literary analysis: the goal of close reading is to interpret individual texts through carefully scrutiny of their contents while the goal of distant reading is to understand literature not by reading texts, but by gathering data from large volumes of written works to find statistical cultural patterns. 1,702 more words

Reviewing Mary Poppins and Myth by Staffan Bergsten

Mary Poppins and Myth was written some forty years ago by Staffan Bergsten, a Swedish scholar who after reading the Mary Poppins books* to his young daughter became aware of certain connections which appeared to him to be pointing in the direction of the possible inspirational sources for the adventures in the Mary Poppins stories. 1,065 more words

Cold Heart: An Exploration of Aromanticism in Lucy

The story of a young girl who moves to the United States from the West Indies, Jamaica Kincaid’s novel Lucy is a moving snapshot of the coming-of-age story of a young artist. 95 more words