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Tsi - Ga - Ta

Tsi – Ga – Ta

(Mozart – Requiem)

Look at me

Again     When you did before

Way back             when?

Tsi – ga – ta

I missed a whole life without you. 104 more words


#ConsiderTheWords "Kendrick Lamar On The Equation For Inequality" A Poem by OneVoice 

​Kendrick’s dick ain’t free. Said

Kendrick. What’s the interest? Its hard to

Calculate prime numbers.


So, now, Kendrick, what say

You to higher profits? What say you to… 63 more words


The essential work of literary art: they make us more human than we were before. – Tiny Beautiful Things, Cheryl Strayed

Book Quotes

In-charge of tomorrow

Some say I’m wasting my bachelor’s degree
But they didn’t think of what happened to me.
Those jobs that had additional this and that,
Tire me out, don’t ask why I never get fat. 120 more words

Literary Arts

Schizophrenic Shutter

I am back. Blogging was very helpful to me. I rather enjoyed having a place to just talk that I didn’t feel as if I was making people go through my long wild rantings that can appear rather senseless if you do not “speak AJ” very very very FEW do. 553 more words

C.S. Lewis' Literary Art: Narnia

One of the things that makes readers keep coming back to The Chronicles of Narnia, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, is C.S. 267 more words

Fantasy Criticism