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Super Saints (Chapter from Super-Nature-Heroes)

In 2004, I met saints. Well, I met the saints in my thoughts. I began to obsess about the saints. I coaxed memories from my brain revolving around saint cards my mother kept in a steamer trunk when I was a child. 1,445 more words


before the sky turned blue 

​i sat at your feet

counting the hairs on your legs

(two hundred thousand twenty-four)

rather than the number of times you blinked when looking to me for answers… 62 more words


Dismantled by Love

She came softly

Easily to his bed was led

And he found himself—suddenly dismantled

Unexpected the world spinning about his head

As if enjoying a first time cup of rich Turkish Coffee… 58 more words


Between our lips
exhaled cumulus
notes, strummed lyrics,
chorded conversations
wisps of “soon come”

but ’til then
a grandfather’s tree
trimmed to a communal kiss… 50 more words


My Take On "Eye Candy" 

It seems to me that legs open,greedily, bearing hanging flesh like temptation And the between places require religiosity to make them holy since the sun don’t shine below the navel… 46 more words



​I voted out of fear

of who this nation is

under the kumbaya of all lives

and equality and freedom

and justice for all lives… 65 more words