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you will see, my body there, constantly, fixing your frowns, demolishing, your broken world.

Darling, your scars beneath
your sapphire cardigan
you are lying to yourself
you are in tremendous pain
I can feel the warmth of your tears. 303 more words


coup de grâce

My sadness may seem like a tour de force,
nourished with applause
from the audience
which lives within this sphere of tragedy.
As such,
my sadness is yet… 211 more words



I am juggling
with the vicious cycles that have incarcerated my vision.
This prison
is surrounded by those who have once thought
once thought that a rose would blossom in emptiness… 237 more words



I am defined by the brightness of my abyss,
at this rate, I’ll lose all definition.
My soul has been consumed
by a crippling darkness. 393 more words



I am in love
with the sleeves on your arms.
Where did you get them done?
The cross, the heart, the animals?
You have everything, 257 more words


Call for Submissions: BioLiterary's "Theories of Consciousness" Issue

“If anyone is inclined to deny that we can believe in the existence of facts like this whose exact nature we cannot possibly conceive, he should reflect that in contemplating the bats we are in much the same position that intelligent bats or Martians would occupy if they tried to form a conception of what it was like to be us.” 545 more words