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Lore Lords & Ladies

The toughest gang in town. Together, they bring terror and death

I’ve finally got the time to continue this series. As the name implies, it’ll also feature female writers. 24 more words


A Hat Full of Sky

After being literally snowed in and forced to cancel all plans for the day, the biggest prank nature could ever play on me, I decided to finish a project for University. 15 more words


Corbeau Robo: Finished Print!

I’m happy to unveil my new print, a happy addition to my current exploration of “Wind-up Birds.” This isn’t the first time I’ve used watercolors in printmaking, but it is the first time each version will be a little different with a slightly different color combination. 184 more words


Why Do We Call Battersea Arts Centre A Theatre?

A blog post from David Jubb, Artistic Director of Battersea Arts Centre.

Battersea Arts Centre is passionate about people and their creative potential. It is a home for developing talent of all ages. 179 more words

David's Blog

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Battersea Arts Centre is having a makeover. Building work is enhancing what is already a magical theatre space. This is a post from last summer by Artistic Director David Jubb about the importance of theatre in our lives. How right he is when he says that theatre 'is a great tool with which we can explore ideas of community, politics, justice, economics and education.' If only those in positions of power realised just how important it is in helping us to live in a healthy, happy society.

Sometimes I Prefer To See With Closed Eyes -- Revisited

“Seeing with Closed Eyes” (Originally Posted January 18, 2011) — Computer Painting by kenne

from Turner’s Notes –

“The early death of a writer,
besides shortening by a few unwritten volumes…
41 more words


This posting adds to the final chapters of the book, The Writing Arts: An Author’s Perspective by Charles A. Taormina. Earlier chapters are posted here at WordPress, in reverse order (see Archive for topics).  8,324 more words


Why Narnia is a great piece of literary art.

See the prior piece of blog post…

1) the had the audacity to publish a prequel five books in

2)silver chair with father time in the caverns and the giants and the actual silver chair( 186 more words