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My Take On "Eye Candy" 

It seems to me that legs open,greedily, bearing hanging flesh like temptation And the between places require religiosity to make them holy since the sun don’t shine below the navel… 46 more words



​I voted out of fear

of who this nation is

under the kumbaya of all lives

and equality and freedom

and justice for all lives… 65 more words



​There was angels with black wings and angels with white. Their faces always resembled light. The black winged angels asked God why He created man. God said, “Why do you think I did?” The black winged angels said in unison, “To have something else to love.” But the leader of the white winged angels stirred up his peers and said, “Tuh! 274 more words

Literary Art

For The People Who Grew

​I became that I am

Over time. I was always

This person,

I did not change, I grew.

I am the boy now

I was the man then… 62 more words


​I Never Believed I'd Live It...

I am the same me that i have been
Before I grew and learned my skin

Could be the difference between

The human or the criminal I could’ve been… 79 more words


Read at The Artist Bloc 9-9-16 (video coming soon)

​I wait to see a Blockbuster film

where the teenage protagonist

helps a struggling father get peace

by writing a poem so moving

the landlord signs over the deed… 252 more words