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​I Never Believed I'd Live It...

I am the same me that i have been
Before I grew and learned my skin

Could be the difference between

The human or the criminal I could’ve been… 79 more words


Read at The Artist Bloc 9-9-16 (video coming soon)

​I wait to see a Blockbuster film

where the teenage protagonist

helps a struggling father get peace

by writing a poem so moving

the landlord signs over the deed… 252 more words


Read at The Artist Bloc 

​Now I’ve been told my passion

For poetry tends to inspire

So maybe I should speak to the poets

And be the wick, this poem be the fire… 211 more words


Introducing the New Sonnet: Giving Rest To Shakespeare 

They taught me that poems shakspeare into sonnets.
Piercing the present so William keeps living on
’cause we study his writing as if no other… 96 more words


Tsi - Ga - Ta

Tsi – Ga – Ta

Mozart – Requiem

(Love is never a ‘Question of  Why’ . . . It Just Is)

Look at me

Again     When you did before… 117 more words


#ConsiderTheWords "Kendrick Lamar On The Equation For Inequality" A Poem by OneVoice 

Kendrick’s dick ain’t free. Said
Kendrick. What’s the interest? Its hard to
Calculate prime numbers.

So, now, Kendrick, what say
You to higher profits? What say you to… 57 more words