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The importance of intersectionality and inclusion in both the literary and cinematic canon

The future of literature, film and of the narrative is reliant on the necessity of inclusion. In the 21st century the global society we live in means we can vicariously experience the lives of others even if we are on completely different continents. 1,097 more words

Audre Lorde

The Long Read: Lawrence, the Mind of Europe, and the English Canon

Heward Wilkinson is a member of the F.R. Leavis Society. He has a special interest in the interface between religion, philosophy, the arts, and psychotherapy. This is the second of three thought provoking guest blogs he has kindly shared with us.   3,400 more words


Why “Gender Studies” Is the Enemy of Women

Without a guiding principle of common humanity, all of the “minority studies” prosecuted on campuses around the nation can only substitute one kind of bigotry for another. 603 more words

Cultural Meltdown

Blow Up the Canon!?

WHEN ONE CONSIDERS a project like our proposed “All-Time American Writers Tournament,” one bumps up against notions of the Canon. That collection of writers and literary works designated by the academy as worthy of preservation and study. 282 more words


An Experiment in Canon Formation

Literary quality is a concept I’m conflicted about. When I played the oboe in high school, I struggled to manipulate tempo, dynamics, and vibrato in a way that was expressive but convincing. 624 more words


Fantasy and Poetry

When I first applied for a job at the bookstore where I work, I wrote on the section of my application that asks for reading preferences that I like fantasy and poetry. 715 more words


Why Read the Bible?

That’s the question Pete Enns doesn’t answer (unless you are like him and get paid to read it).

He thinks biblical scholarship gives a good answer to the question, “what is the Bible.” … 271 more words

Scripture And Prolegomena