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Lusting After Serial Killers

Stephanie Laurens likes to use words like ‘ficklessness’ and ‘roundaboutation.’ She likes to include long, lurid sex scenes. Her plots tend to be interesting, and usually feature convincingly strong female characters. 634 more words

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Pyre: Even When You Lose This Game, You Win

Supergiant Games is quickly becoming my favorite video game dev team. While I didn’t get hooked on their first hit, Bastion, I fell immeasurably in love with their follow-up title  816 more words

The Written Word

A Short Analysis of Thomas Hardy’s ‘A Popular Personage at Home’

Hardy’s classic dog poem

‘A Popular Personage at Home’ was one of two poems Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) wrote about his beloved dog of 13 years, Wessex, who died in 1926, two years before Hardy himself. 495 more words


Why Criticism Matters

I love reading book and movie reviews.  Sometimes I see a movie, or read a book, and I’m completely bowled over by it.  I am moved to my very foundation, my core, I am shaken…but I don’t know exactly why sometimes, and sometimes I lack the ability to put into words just why exactly I’ve been so touched (or so disappointed, for that matter).  954 more words

194. (Erich Auerbach)

Literature only happens at a distance from the ideology it depends on for its making; that is why ideological critique of any literary work is possible, without our having to cease reading it as literature, and yet without doing literary criticism. 1,887 more words

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The Gothic: Author | Edgar Allan Poe

It all began with Edgar Allan Poe, the American grandfather of Gothic literature, who was born on this day (January 19th) in 1809. What I mean is that it all began for me; my interest in the Gothic started somewhere around the age of 7 or 8 when I happened to select… 2,187 more words


Time Spent With the Harvard Classics: Poe - The Poetic Principle

Aloha Promises Forever has previously discussed the life and legacy of Edgar Allan Poe.  Please refer to these posts for further background.  For now, suffice it to say that Poe was born on January 19, 1809.  230 more words

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