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Story Soup

A couple of weeks ago I looked at how stories die. Since then, I’ve been pondering the other end of fiction’s existence: its conception.

Where do stories come from? 1,442 more words


Pulp! Influences: Edgar Allan Poe

I’ve decided to write a few short blogs on books and authors that influenced Beaten to a Pulp! starting today with Edgar Allan Poe. 954 more words

Short Stories

Fiction and Magic

I’m a reader, as well as a writer. I think reading is essential for writing, and I was raised in a house filled with books. The library was practically a second home, especially after I started volunteering there when I was twelve. 936 more words


Lyrical "Collectors"

Marion Strobel

The barnacle of crowds—
Like a tuck
On a finished skirt, unnoticed—
He collected his material
A ragpicker,
A scavenger of words 152 more words


Early Poetry Imprinting

Newly hatched goslings imprint on the first moving object they see, which usually is Mother Goose.  Mother Goose nursery rhymes are the usual way children are introduced to poetry. 690 more words

Writing Poetry