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Early Poetry Imprinting

Newly hatched goslings imprint on the first moving object they see, which usually is Mother Goose.  Mother Goose nursery rhymes are the usual way children are introduced to poetry. 690 more words

Writing Poetry

Literary Influences: Cathy Earnshaw

My next inspirational heroine must include a bit of a caveat. I’ve read Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights twice. The first time was in high school and the second was during undergrad. 400 more words


Literary Influences: Dorothy

In case you missed it, I’m working on a series of posts inspired by Samantha Ellis’s How to Be a Heroine in which she explains how her favorite literary characters influenced and inspired her. 400 more words


H.P. Lovecraft, The Master of Madness

When I was but a young teacher, unmarried, and using what free time I had to play role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Traveller… 539 more words


A Chain of Inspiration

While intertextuality in literature is always fascinating, it is even more so a pleasure to come across writing that is influenced by other writers, and writers who pays homage to the books and authors who inspired them. 136 more words


Dec/Jan NaNoWrioMo 2014/15 Day 13: Literary Influences

Hey guys! So today I wrote 1, 778 words. Not bad. Not amazing either, but still not bad. I didn’t write that much today because I am in the midst of studying for the Praxis II exam, so most of my free time is spent doing that. 212 more words


RIP: The Aspostrophe?


Is it true?  Is this one little mark soon to be an extinct creature?  Are we purposely jettisoning the old in favor of ….?  Yes, you heard me:  extinction or …? 267 more words

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