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Literary Influences: Cathy Earnshaw

My next inspirational heroine must include a bit of a caveat. I’ve read Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights twice. The first time was in high school and the second was during undergrad. 400 more words


Literary Influences: Dorothy

In case you missed it, I’m working on a series of posts inspired by Samantha Ellis’s How to Be a Heroine in which she explains how her favorite literary characters influenced and inspired her. 400 more words


H.P. Lovecraft, The Master of Madness

When I was but a young teacher, unmarried, and using what free time I had to play role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Traveller… 539 more words


A Chain of Inspiration

While intertextuality in literature is always fascinating, it is even more so a pleasure to come across writing that is influenced by other writers, and writers who pays homage to the books and authors who inspired them. 136 more words


Dec/Jan NaNoWrioMo 2014/15 Day 13: Literary Influences

Hey guys! So today I wrote 1, 778 words. Not bad. Not amazing either, but still not bad. I didn’t write that much today because I am in the midst of studying for the Praxis II exam, so most of my free time is spent doing that. 212 more words


RIP: The Aspostrophe?


Is it true?  Is this one little mark soon to be an extinct creature?  Are we purposely jettisoning the old in favor of ….?  Yes, you heard me:  extinction or …? 267 more words

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Quid Novi Results Part II

Lori Gama did a presentation on “To Tweet or not to Tweet.”  She is an excellent speaker.  If you need a speaker in your area or are in need of some advice on web design and marketing, she is the one (@lorigama). 227 more words