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All the Great Writers I Don't Want to Be

Naturally, writers compare authors’ works to one another. This is useful in workshops, reviews, and literary criticism, and I think it’s inevitable. Writer friends of mine draw inspiration from Ernest Hemingway, others from Cormac McCarthy, and others from detective fiction, and I can see this inspiration in their writing, not as plagiarism but as influence. 517 more words



Briefly consulting with Mrs. Herrero and the workmen despite a fear that gnawed my inmost soul, I advised the breaking down of the door; but the landlady found a way to turn the key from the outside with some wire device. 642 more words

Cool Air

Imitating Poe

Others—including editor Wright—agree with you in liking The Outsider, but I can’t say that I share this opinion. To my mind this tale … is too glibly… 104 more words


Story Soup

A couple of weeks ago I looked at how stories die. Since then, I’ve been pondering the other end of fiction’s existence: its conception.

Where do stories come from? 1,442 more words