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"Eat Your Own Dogfood" and two other poems in Zombie Logic Review

Zombie Logic Review published three of my poems today: “Eat Your Own Dogfood,” “Resistance to Extinction,” and “Plastic Love by Design.” You can read them… 49 more words

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"Another Broken Home" published in Night Garden Journal

Black Poppy Review recently changed its name to Night Garden Journal. Today, my poem “Another Broken Home” appeared under the new banner. You can read the whole piece… 120 more words

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Another Alarming Trend published at In Between Hangovers

Underground poetry blog In Between Hangovers published my poem “Another Alarming Trend” today. You can check out the full thing here.

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Lit Journal Starts New Anti-Political Movement

See the announcement we posted at our home page.

Mraxism, AltRight, neoliberalism et.al. are all stale ideologies with failed histories. They excite nobody.

WHO belongs under the… 17 more words


"Like That" published in The Five-Two

Online literary journal The Five-Two focuses exclusively on poems about crime. Today, my poem “Like That” was published in the journal. The poem is sort of about a romance gone wrong. 21 more words

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My Favorite Poem

Light Artefacts by Jude Ellison:


Our task is to pull horses
dead from the sea but the sea

is too wide and the horses… 115 more words


"Black Pages of the Last Death" and three other poems published in Danse Macabre

Issue 112 of Danse Macabre was released yesterday, titled “Ricordi.” Among the stories and poems of a darker nature–including reprints by Ambrose Bierce and Maksim Gorky–are four of  my poems: “Black Pages of the Last Death,” “Go My Incubi, Fly My Lovers”, “Happy Monsters, Happy Ghosts,” and “Lone Cloud: Spells for a Moment.” They all involve ritual incantations usually directed against consumer culture. 6 more words

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