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AND a Poem in Whiskey Island

April’s been a wonderful month for print publications! I was so pleased that editor Amber Taliancich Allen chose this poem from among the ones I submitted, as it was really my own favorite among them. 17 more words

Poem in West Branch

I’m SO proud and happy to have had my poem “For the Albino Deer Shot With a Crossbow By an 11-Year-Old Boy in Howell, Michigan” accepted by this journal, and very grateful to editor G.C.Waldrep. 21 more words

New Poem at Spilled Milk

Hello dear readers! I have a new poem up at the amazing Spilled Milk Magazine. You can read it here!

Outlook Springs

I have a new story in this wonderful new literary journal. Outlook Springs is published in Outlook Springs, NH, which may or may not exist. It’s the freshest literary journal on either side of the interdimensional rift. 9 more words

Reflections on AWP 2016

From March 31 to April 2, the conference for Associated Writers and Writing Programs was held in Los Angeles, California. AWP is a massive conference that joins editors, writers, teachers, and publishers, from students through veterans of the occupation. 498 more words

Submitting on a Budget: Network

by Lisbeth Coiman

Where writing has become a self-employment enterprise, tracking expenses is vital for the emergent writer struggling to build her brand. Conferences, books, subscriptions, writing courses, memberships, tracking sites, and submission fees all add up quickly to a limited writing budget. 803 more words

Closing The Gap

AWP Bookfair Roundup

So I uploaded some pictures to our Facebook page depicting our road trip across the country (courtesy of Dan McCloskey and his magical van), and I’ve started to process the influx of knowledge and experience dropped on us at the AWP conference. 344 more words