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It’s sad how some have time to go around bothering people and contributing to their already crumbling state, it’s sad that some have it in them to rationalize bullying. 52 more words

Literary Junk Drawer

Fading Away

I wrote this 30 minutes into a very boring chemistry class, I was drowsy, sleepy, and not in my right mind.

I had a dream. I dreamt that I was falling into a deep black endless abyss, I distinctly remember the puddles of terror exploding under my skin, i felt the coldness that embraced me, I felt the horror of not knowing, but I also felt alive, I felt human. 124 more words

Literary Junk Drawer

Note To Self #1

This was written three years ago by my now 16 year old friend. I think that a world without poetry and art is a world nobody deserves to live in, enjoy. 469 more words

Literary Junk Drawer


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Her hand shook as she extended it to make contact with his pale face. His skin was feverishly warm under her touch which only encouraged her further. 349 more words

Literary Junk Drawer