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Shonda Rhimes Must Be Stopped

I just want to start by saying that I do not watch “Grey’s Anatomy”, nor have I for years, but I am vaguely aware of what goes on with it. 545 more words


Literary Laws

Note: this will be a work in progress since I’m pretty sure I won’t remember all of them right this second.

-Character abuse- this is when the author uses the character as a punching bag for some reason. 1,817 more words


Devon Monk

I was going to do this book by book, but since my opinion has sort of changed i don’t think I can do that. Okay, let’s start from the top- her first book, “Magic in the Bones”, great book. 769 more words


Discoveries: What is Copyright?

I love it when I stumble across helpful information I can pass along to readers. :)

Today’s discovery comes from Writer’s Fun Zone┬áin a guest post by Kelley Way (who is a writer and lawyer specializing in literary law). 28 more words