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Gas Patch Dawn By Aden Thomas

Gas Patch Dawn

The shadows web their winter light
across sagebrush the size of men.
The mobile homes concede their deaths
one frostbitten panel at a time.   91 more words

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Piece Talks: "Home," by Silvia Roma

“Home,” a poem written by Silvia Roma, halts my breath every time I read it. There is a scene in Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic series where budding weather witch Trisana Chandler attempts to control the tide, absorbing the energy into herself and the boulder she sits on until it almost destroys her and disintegrates the boulder in the process. 261 more words

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This is not forgiveness By Michelle DeLouise

This is not forgiveness

my skin is brown, a nice shade
of kissed by the sun and my mother tells me
that i should be celebrating my skin, 635 more words

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BOOK REVIEW: The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch

Writers of long-running series at a certain point face a choice, expand their universe or continue to focus only on what the fans liked in the past. 615 more words


Knowledge By Kevin Risner


We succumb to voices
wandering along edges of
our clicking brains
itch in response
to constant calls
through invisible
indivisible megaphones
be pleased at extra time devoted… 156 more words

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The River in The Morning By Amanda Oaks

The River in The Morning

hugs the sun, burns off her fog
in one breath, asks how she got
so wide overnight, remembers
all the fish, remembers… 189 more words

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Sabak amoz kahaniyan By Yusra Amjad

Sabak amoz kahaniyan

my life has always had so little room
for my own mistakes, I learned
to live without margin for error.

my life has been building bridges, 158 more words

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