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FICTION: Viking Funeral by Steve Passey

A man has three magic numbers in his life: His date of birth, which he cannot foresee or choose, the date he passes, which (should be) likewise an unknown, and most importantly the date at which his age added to his years of service allows him to retire. 4,065 more words


Strange Tongue

Submitted by Geiger Poetry

When there is a land stretched before me
With mountains, steppes, rivers, and valleys
Of beauty such that I cannot speak… 83 more words

Creative Writing

Graveyard Ramble

Submitted by Ana Daksina

I contemplate my dripping hat
Preparing tale to tell
Of dampened exploration
In rainy autumn dell
‘Round twisted, sagging gravestones, which… 137 more words

Creative Writing

BOOK REVIEW: Outskirts by John Grindrod

Outskirts is probably the most touching book about urban planning you’ll ever read.

Ostensibly it’s a history of that misunderstood, yet controversial feature of the British landscape, the green belt. 780 more words


All at Once

Submitted by Himalia

A breathing mountain
Developed after years of geologic merging,
There is life in the Himalayas. 58 more words

Creative Writing

FICTION: La Reudugier by Jud Widing

Rachel had told Loretta that her boyfriend Barry’s friend Arnold was tall and handsome and also nice, which was good enough for Loretta at the time of the telling, when she was lying prostrate on Rachel’s bed, kicking her mismatched socks in the air, tracing lazy rainbows over the algebra problems they’d solved incorrectly or not at all. 4,168 more words



Submitted by Jonny Booker 

See that spot right there–
The one that looks like others nearby?
There, the ground is lower
And the grass is high 25 more words

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