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FICTION: The Digger by Matt Gore

Pop was always in his cave. That was what Nana called it, his cave. It wasn’t really a cave though, because caves are dark and scary places, full of spiders and hand-sized wetas. 3,817 more words


a varied collection of truths By Odelia Fried

a varied collection of truths

my heart is the size of a fist
because i need it to fight

crows squabbling inside my throat when i want to speak… 156 more words

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BOOK REVIEW: Chasing Embers by James Bennett

Chasing Embers is a novel about a shape-shifting dragon with an identity crisis, torn between a normal human existence and the mythological roots from which he originates; in many ways, the narrative of… 1,763 more words


Be Not Afraid By Amy Lauren

Be Not Afraid

Police point at John’s dark skin,
thick beard laden with locusts
and honey dripping from his rags
when he carries signs down… 224 more words

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FICTION: Laughter by James Kester

He’s in the newsagents leafing through censored rows of top-shelf magazines when the faint sound of laughter fills his ears. He turns, but his audience comprises only a shopkeeper and an old lady. 996 more words


How I Feel About it All Ramna Safeer

How I Feel About it All 

When we wash our hands this morning,
the soap suds grow gutter dirty.
When we catch sight of ourselves… 297 more words

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INTERVIEW: Oisín Fagan

Oisín Fagan is from Moynalvey, Meath. His novella, The Hierophants, won the inaugural Penny Dreadful Novella award in June, 2016. His story collection, Hostages, was published by New Island in September, 2016. 4,807 more words