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I Am The Girl

I Am The Girl

Yesterday a boy in my orchestra class said
he used to have a girlfriend but,
“She got annoying and fat.”
Everybody laughed. 209 more words


Q (1) By Alexis Smithers

Q (1)

1.) After I drop him off at school Monday morning, I walk back to the metro to catch the 45 train home. A man with stale coffee breath and more lines etched in his face than years I’ve been here won’t take my silence as rejection and stands too close. 449 more words


the boston prayer

My father is in law enforcement, just as his father and grandfather were before him. While growing up with a police officer in the family is not as dramatic as any of the movies make it seem, but when prompted about my memory in a memoir-writing class last semester, a lot of feelings poured out into a weird memoir // fiction // non-fiction piece. 52 more words


To All The Men Who Should've Known Better By Fortesa Latifi

To All The Men Who Should’ve Known Better

He is leaning across the table, arm draped across the back of my chair
a whisper in my ear so thick I can taste the last cigarette he smoked. 316 more words


Subway Blues By Martina Dominique Dansereau

Subway Blues

There are         eight
stops left.

He sprawls like landscape over the seats,
legs spread open,         elbows on knees,
head tipped to the side, 559 more words


September Letter From The Editors

As the birds of Boston emptied their nests in preparation for migration, we unveiled the September issue of The Rising Phoenix Review, the fifth in our history. 149 more words

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Look. The Angels. by Ciara Lynch

In 1926, the Ku Klux Klan burned a cross in front of the National Shrine of the Little Flower. The church was later destroyed by fire in 1936. 560 more words

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