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LITMUS TEST By Ashe Vernon


In middle school, the lunch room is
the worst place for feeling invisible; I feel like
everyone is looking at my mouth. I think… 784 more words


Writing for Performance

What I learned about performing from Ivan Coyote:

Ryan and I attended the Wordfest Workshop: “Writing for Performance with Ivan Coyote” back in October 2014. Ivan is one of Ryan’s favourite performing artists, so as soon as we realized that Thomas King and Ivan Coyote would be in Banff Friday night and Saturday afternoon respectively, there was no discussion as to what we would be doing that weekend. 1,079 more words


tornado watch 1963 By Dana Rushin

tornado watch 1963

this, is where Grandma pointed.
A spot on the orange butterfly wallpaper
where Papa splattered; his Tip Top
cigarette papers and the tin… 156 more words


The Emerging Writer

Breve New Stories seeks submissions from new and emerging authors.

Despite the vagueness of the term emerging, we received many entries from writers that recognised themselves as such. 394 more words

Breve Magazine

Arlington County, 1953 By Meggie Royer

Arlington County, 1953

Once as a child you believed the graveyard shift
meant whole cemeteries uprooting themselves &
passing like ghosts through cities
to some other hills… 127 more words


"Nature" is a double prize winner

So proud to announce that my short story, “Nature,” was awarded the 2015 Fiction Prize by bosque (the magazine). The story was also a finalist for the 2015  37 more words

You Don’t Need to Seek, You are Already Free By Victoria Martinez

The following poem  floats upon the questions we ask ourselves that eventually drive us mad: “Why are we here?” “When will it end?” “What is our purpose here on earth?” “Who am I?” and “What am I?” “Am I crazy?” I think we are so caught up in the deadly highs of illusion we forget to breathe.Without religion or some concept of a higher power or consciousness there are no answers to these questions. 397 more words