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Mugwort By Ashley Loper


If this were 1693
I would be blamed
for blighted crops
and winter sickness.

My bloodroot hair would foreshadow
stillborn births.

Villagers would be banned… 222 more words

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No By Lili Leader-Williams


He doesn’t know the depth to which I can sink.
He’s not privy to shower sobbing sessions,
has only witnessed the tears I’ve allowed him to see. 266 more words

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EXIT EARTH: Short Story Competition


 From Trumpocalypse to Brexit Britain, brick by brick the walls are closing in.

But don’t despair.
Pick up your pen.
Bulldoze the borders.

1,901 more words

FICTION: Motions of A Vertical Kind by C. Gregory Thompson

A kick. That’s how it started. Charlie Everett slept a deep, snoring slumber. Ten minutes before his alarm went off: thump—a light kick in the stomach. 4,507 more words


Stitches By Peter Faziani


Unforgettable moments
in broken fragments
like breaking irons
into rapiers
long forgotten dangers
of doing stupid things

Six years old

Winning wars

Touring Mars… 140 more words

Literary Magazine

Changming Yuan, Winter 2017

(“Haunted,” Image by Dylan Silver)

The Irony of a Snag
Changming Yuan

You have long since died
But you will never fall

Standing deadly among leafy growths 99 more words


BOOK REVIEW: Carnivalesque By Neil Jordan

‘To Andy and his parents, it looks like any other carnival: creaking ghost train, rusty rollercoaster and circus performers. But of course it isn’t. Drawn to the hall of mirrors, and enters and is hypnotised by the many selves staring back at him. 1,456 more words