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Be a Woman By Lydia Wang

Be a Woman

We are still unlearning what our mothers taught us:
to be a girl is to be something soft, something without teeth.
We grow into our mouths later, but we never learn how to use them. 369 more words


"Lavande" by Ann Beattie, in Granta

I just came across “Lavande,” a highly complex but subtle story by Ann Beattie, on Granta. The narrator is a wife and mother who has spent years watching her daughter’s self-destructive behavior. 186 more words


Closets pretending to be for coats By Marie Anzelone

Closets pretending to be for coats

I. the 16 year-old

She has learned how to locate her cervix, while lying naked

in water as hot as she can bear, door firmly locked on a night… 1,527 more words


“Why Are You Always Writing About Boys?” By Lydia Wang

“Why Are You Always Writing About Boys?”

They ask why you are always writing about the men
and you tell them that you aren’t. You are writing… 354 more words


We gold, girl By Scherezade Siobhan

We gold, girl

after barbara jane reyes

we, she-wolf sirensong, girl, we hyena herd, thick
-skinned, slattern-furred, we wicked-willed, girl

we carry blackboards of battlefields on our backs, girl… 236 more words


One in Six (A Drag King Slam Poem) By Stacy McKeigue

One in Six (A Drag King Slam Poem)

“Hey, baby,” as you slide into my space
like it’s your goddamn place,
like it’s a party and you got an invite. 528 more words


Whore is a Word By Scherezade Siobhan

Whore is a Word

: ecce femme
on the subway 12:00 am
she sips slander
Socrates of suburbia, her
she hums hurt
a murmur of hemlock… 292 more words