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a 20% chance of rain By Allya Yourish

a 20% chance of rain

I am a virgin without much explaining
to do, I
let a boy touch me and he touched me more than I wanted, 588 more words

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A Chorus of Three By Kari Astillero

A Chorus of Three

Morning sizzles. The windows
looks spring, we remember spring.
Curtains flap with the aroma
of jasmines left to calm the night. 225 more words

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Black Girl Magic Lit Mag!

When I found out about Black Girl Magic Lit Mag, I was all kinds of…

Black Girl Magic Lit Mag is a literary magazine created to address the lack of diverse, non-majority voices and characters in speculative fiction, especially Black women’s voices. 161 more words


Flight Journal Issue 2 available to read now!

Issue 2 of online short fiction publication Flight Journal is now live. Edited by Spread the Word’s Flight Associates Marianne Tatepo, Sara Jafari and… 296 more words

Short Stories

It's a Party By Matthew Kosinski

It’s a Party

You don’t have to believe
me when I say two fingers
makes a whole person. I had
wanted for nothing and I found it… 162 more words

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Clean Up By Carl Wade Thompson

Clean Up

It’s the end of the day,
the classes are done.
Students flee like fire,
professors the last to go.
They pass me with my gear, 193 more words

Literary Magazine

The Vacant Lot By Mark Morgan Jr.

The Vacant Lot

close to home
and ringed by pale crack
ed pavement
Mangy brown rats gnaw
on the bodies of their… 166 more words

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