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The Yoruba and the concept of Identity Base: A thought.

Yesterday evening, reflecting on the day, I recalled an experience that seemed inconsequential while it happened, and I picked up something from it. I will share. 920 more words


I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou (Book #24)

Have you read this book? It’s one of those ‘classics’ that always ends up on ‘books you should read’ lists but until a month ago or so I knew nothing about it apart from it being written by the very incredible and quote-worthy Angelou, and that it was one of those ‘you should read this’ books. 303 more words

Not Dying Was Easy -- Surviving Was the Hard Part (A Creative Personal Narrative)

Not Dying Was Easy — Surviving Was the Hard Part
by Jason A. Walker

I wonder sometimes what might have been if I’d taken my normal route home; if I’d swerved faster; if I’d not been driving on the spare; but, I didn’t, I couldn’t, and… 3,174 more words