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My Scarlet Letter (part one)

It’s my scarlet letter

It’s my badge of shame.

Look into my eyes to see

Who’s to blame.

No one else but me and my mom. 857 more words


The Ghost Orchard

I’m not into eating apples. Mealy, mushy, sometimes a combination of the two. Or flavourless. Or way too sour—I’m looking at you Granny Smith.

But… 420 more words

2017 Vancouver Writers Fest

At the Stranger's Gate

I feel like Adam Gopnik has taken all my despondency about the state of the world and of writing and perfectly articulated them in a way that simultaneously makes me more disillusioned and also offers some relief. 733 more words

2017 Vancouver Writers Fest

Gutenberg's Fingerprint

I don’t have an e-reader. I love books. All the books. As long as they come on paper. Merilyn Simonds book, Gutenberg’s Fingerprint is a paper book. 467 more words

2017 Vancouver Writers Fest

Diamond in the Rough

Mom always said I was a diamond in the rough. “You’re a diamond that was dropped, accidentally lost in the dirt. You’re beautiful, but no one can see that, because you hide your beauty.” What she meant to say specifically was, my sloppy boyish clothes and my unmade up face, were disguising my raw, true potential. 935 more words


Afterglow (A Dog Memoir)

The thing is—I’m a cat person.

It’s not that I dislike dogs—I like them a lot. But if it’s true that there are only two types of people in the world, that being cat people or dog people, I’m a cat person. 308 more words

2017 Vancouver Writers Fest


At the Miss Koreatown beauty contest in the Baltimore Washington Area, Third Aunt applied so much stage makeup on Sister that she looked exactly like Dee Snyder, the deranged looking front man of the one hit 80’s metal band, “Twisted Sister”. 1,160 more words