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On the 18th of November

Just something to update this thing.

Since the day we first held hands, under a starlit sky, in the quietness of the early morning, it hasn’t been the same. 201 more words

Chronicles Of My (non-existent) Love Life

5 Untranslatable Words You've Defined For Me

1. Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan)

It wasn’t exactly a look, but a touch- it was that moment when we were walking underneath the inky black sky at an ungodly hour, the sounds of night (or early morning) life behind us. 528 more words

Literary Pursuits

The Time Before: A Collection

I. Through the Evening, ‘Til the Morning

all I want to do is talk to you

throughout the evening

when the cold wind starts to bite… 545 more words

Chronicles Of My (non-existent) Love Life

George MacDonald

Ever read George MacDonald? He’s one of my favorite’s along with Lewis and Tolkien. His great intuition about the human nature and the workings of the soul is cleverly portrayed in children’s stories. 25 more words

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Hello readers! I am sharing this from a friend of mine. Her blog is violenagirl.wordpress.com. She is the one who inspired me to join the world of blogging. You should check out her blog. :) George MacDonald is one of my favorite authors. I was introduced to his writings at the age of 13, and I still love to read and re-read his works. If you also enjoy MacDonalds writings, comment below with your favorite titles or quotes. A note to the reader...I LOVE quotes, and I intend to share some of my favorites here soon. Until later, Brittany

Hello! Welcome to lavender notes. Chances are you have no idea who I am, so this post will tell you a bit about yours truly.

331 more words
Literary Pursuits

*Tentacle Unfurling Intensifies*

Good evening everyone. We just thought we would let everyone know that we have another tentacle in the pie over at Reddit now too. So, if you’re a Redditor, feel free to follow us from your home turf.


Graduate School: Overwhelming? Exciting? Deadly?

This is it, folks. I am finally about to begin my first semester of graduate school, and I have never before experienced such a tumultuous mindset: a unique mixture of nervousness, joy, dread, anticipation, eagerness…. 358 more words

Literary Pursuits