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Selection from Brian Doyle's "The Wet Engine"

“So much held in a heart in a lifetime. So much held in a heart in a day, an hour, a moment. We are utterly open with no one in the end —not mother and father, not wife or husband, not lover, not child, not friend. 242 more words


On Respecting Elders

I do not think, sir, you have any right to command me, merely because you are older than I, or because you have seen more of the world than I have; your claim to superiority depends on the use you have made of your time and experience.

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On Education

Real education doesn’t make your life easy. It complicates things and makes everything messy and disturbing. But the alternative . . . is to live your life based on injustice and lies.

– Laurie Forest, The Black Witch


Seven Most Popular Soliloquies from Shakespeare's Hamlet- Series 1

His canon ‘gainst self-slaughter! O God! O God!
How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable
Seem to me all the uses of this world!
Fie on’t! O fie! 217 more words


On Introductions

So perhaps the best thing to do is to stop writing Introductions and get on with the book.

– A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


100 short stories:: story 96

story: Spring in Fialta 

author: Vladimir Nabokov

year: 1936 (English 1947)

where: Dubai,  Al Habtoor Polo Resort

note: sometimes on an ordinary day, you need to read a masterpiece… 79 more words

100 Days 100 Short Stories Read Day One

On Misinterpretation

The last ever dolphin message was misinterpreted as a surprisingly sophisticated attempt to do a double-backwards-somersault through a hoop whilst whistling the ‘Star Spangled Banner’, but in fact the message was this: So long and thanks for all the fish.

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