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Unrequited love 

When we first met

Did you heart jump too?

When I missed you

Did you miss me too?
Have you ever thought of me

The way I thought of you? 20 more words


Monday grit & other stray notes

woman driving smashed-up old car
admiring my hair at red light

Monday grit
background lust
sliddery, as in slid

cloud formations, no two alike,
create distinctions in days


How I remember you

Memory is always blurry,
but I recall your eyes
as being a lake by Monet
and your lips as the waves
washing over the shore


Literary Nomads

A project to travel the world in books. I will read and review a book from every country on the planet and hope to develop a community of people to share the journey!

Finder (First Ordinance, #1) by Connie Suttle

“I began growing what the palace physician called bone spurs on my shoulder blades, and he ordered them cut away using the same nipping tool the smiths used to trim horses’ hooves.

351 more words


We were the hardwood floor. Cold squeaks,
outstretched panther palm, red hand,

expected the chlorine. Wax splashed
baby oil eyes and it is citrus– cinnamon, acidic. 31 more words


Wednesday Poems: Her Black Handkerchief


By Katherine Givens

She holds close her handkerchief,

A cloth cut from a peculiar silk.

It’s color: black, ebony, dark as midnight. 143 more words

Katherine Givens