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Day 94 of my 100 days of Haiku: Broken

These are just small things,
They can be broken like glass,
The cracks are still there.

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For You

For you who doubts yourself,
it’s okay to get some help.
Don’t ever neglect your duties
but also don’t make yourself too busy.

It’s fine to rest for awhile… 88 more words

London's Most Authentic Writer's Home: Carlyle's House, Chelsea

Thomas Carlyle added a fourth floor to 24 Cheyne Way, already a quiet street, so he could have and almost sound proof study.  Remarkably that room and the rest of the house are  as he left it in the 1880s.   217 more words

The Totally Awesome Hulk, Vol. 2: Civil War II

Publisher: Marvel
Released: January 10th 2017
Received: Marvel Unlimited

I think it’s safe to say that volume two is a fair bit heavier than volume one, but with a title like “Civil War II” that really shouldn’t be too surprising. 1,037 more words


How Your Emotional State Can Affect Your Editing

I’ve been thinking about how we humans clean things up. Sometimes, we do it begrudgingly, sometimes compulsively. How we feel (and how close we are to a deadline) usually determines whether our efforts are frantic or methodical. 626 more words


The pen is mightier...

I know you’ve heard the old adage: the pen is mightier than the sword. As writers, we tout the strength and potency of words. We tell people that words do break bones and lift spirits and foster hate or love or resilience. 663 more words


understand me

you can’t understand me from that far

come near me and you will see a star

enter peacefully to the depths of soul

let the mental vibes take the control… 41 more words

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