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Christmas Ghost Story: The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral

It’s not a good ghost story roundup without representation from the immortal M. R. James, Dean of the illustrious School of Great Old-Fashioned English Ghost Stories Often With A Christian Moral Lurking Somewhere Abouts. 6,411 more words


A Eulogy from the Heavens

This is the hardest thing that I will probably ever do, but knowing him, he would want this to be heard because he never wants the truth to stay hidden. 334 more words


Lets go !

The moon … ah … even the thought of it soothes every cell of my body !

Call me a Selenophile and I accept it with all the grace … 933 more words


"Faraway" by Swetha Sadanand

We are separated by time zones

My today is your tomorrow

Is it possible that we were long separated

By light years that chose to collide now? 211 more words



Where are they now our kinsmen son?
Why is the air so still?
Will they ever again come marching,
over the far, far hill?

Yonder they went in the morning… 91 more words


New publication: Philosophy, Dreaming and the Literary Imagination

Dr Michaela Schrage-Früh‘s new book Philosophy, Dreaming and the Literary Imagination was recently published by Palgrave. Drawing on perspectives from literary theory, philosophy of mind and dream research, this study investigates dreaming in relation to creativity and waking states of imagination such as writing and reading stories. 183 more words

Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics

Our March Together

It’s as if we’ve marched together. . .

Embrace each other – drum rolls forever.

That blissful kiss before we knew

The words we’d say, “I love you.” 160 more words