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He stared into my eyes,
without uttering a single word,
and I felt his sincere sadness..

His lips brushed mine,
but we did not kiss.

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Missing You

There seems to be something missing
like a piece of the puzzle,
a torn page of a book,
the broken part of a window,
that last scene after the movie..

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t.i poetry

I am t.i. and I hope you enjoy my (soon to be) many literary endeavours and experiments. Expect this blog to be full of existentialism, questioning of the system and interactions with the world… 144 more words


The Music of AOV

The night is always as sleepless as before
No words could put me on sleep
Night is howling
And full of remorse

And here’s the game we supposed to play… 332 more words


The Guilty Judge

by Jasmine Hoch

Once, there was a man who robbed a bank.

He was a criminal of high rank.

Then he was caught by,

A random police guy, 40 more words


A Golden Morning

I see the sun’s rays
shining ever so brightly
like it never felt anything wrong,
a light breeze has touched my cheek
and a soft tune plays gently…

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On Father's Day

When I was a baby:
I could not remember
my first steps,
Or my first words;
But I heard your gentle voice,
singing me to sleep… 139 more words