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Two-Year Lovesong

and the tide comes and goes like my foot in and out of the water lowering the gate to oblivion i hold your hand in highest regard in the pantheon we were regal all the modern day utensils utilized today a kind of balled rain if you can hold it without it dissipating you are the master of the clouds a red ladder leading to the top of mount everest where one will never rest among the cozy mattresses i almost assign an acadian victory holding loose the lips of passion and allowing everyone roam free… 98 more words


Jeannie Nelson here:

Okay, we are going to write these books that we have been anticipating publishing.  If you are like me, you have the title, an idea about the cover, you have written several drafts of the story, and are totally ready to hold and see this book – except for the fact that you have not completed the manuscript nor do you have an editor. 73 more words


The Cold

A certain level of privilege naturally makes treating mental illness easier, in access to care, medication and the way one is treated generally. Privilege is the result of a combination of appearance and class, with appearance foremost in how these are intertwined when it comes to the reception one gets just walking around. 531 more words


Love not Hate

Maybe it’s because I was born in 1960. Or maybe it’s because of the two daughters marching beside me. Or the feeling I’ve always had that I was born too late or too early, caught in this in-between generation that is marked by unearned, random prosperity for me and the rest of the privileged–but not for far too many, not for my daughters’ futures. 149 more words


Flash! Bang! Wallop!

Flash fiction. What the hell is it, you may ask? Well, it’s a bit of a tough one to describe, but imagine a short story, but without a beginning, or end… Yeah… So it’s anything really that has no linear story line, or doesn’t require one at least. 145 more words


Chapter Twenty Two: The Lovely Bones Analysis

Yes, more again. Sorry. Analysis of Sebold’s The Lovely Bones…continuation from previous analytical blogs: see previous here.

~The Analysis (22)~

  • 300 “Unwatched, unloved, unbidden”- almost given as the definition of Harvey.
  • 402 more words

A Sophomore Reading @ Douglas Anderson, January 26

Next Thursday, January 26, at 7:00 PM, the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida  will be hosting a public reading given by sophomores in the creative writing program. 83 more words