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The Metagospel

A Stand-Alone Tale Occurring After the Events of The Zombie Gospel


When FoodMart turned down Brian Svenson’s application, he wasn’t too upset. Life isn’t fair. 3,085 more words

Indie Fiction


An excerpt from The Zombie Gospel.


The Heineken short-circuited every neuron of sensibility in Damien’s brain. Something seemed wrong, but he ignored the premonition, guzzling beer and watching Carrie on Revelations’ dance floor, her blue prom dress shiny, her petite limbs blurred in ecstatic motion. 3,002 more words

It Can't Just Be Filler

I have found that it is very difficult to write a book in chronological order. My head won’t let me switch focus so easily, so I am trying to get better at jumping around and writing what my head  339 more words


Your Light


Ambriel wears scuffed western boots with tarnished silver tips. A white Hanes tee strains against brawny pecs and biceps. “I’m an angel,” he says, with a thumb hitched in his 501s and a smug expression on his face. 6,242 more words

Blister Toad

credit: http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/cane-toad0.jpg

Old greedy blister toad,

brown and rooted, he is

surrounded by mossy scum,

squat-padded among the lilies,

too green with rage to notice. 44 more words


The trouble with writing is that you need to be troubled to write.


My Realizations

Anger is a byproduct of Frustration and viciously capitalises it.

Quitting may not be the action of a brave but Quiet certainly is.

You do not have to shout out loud to be heard around.Your silence speaks much, over those absurd noises, that surround. 43 more words