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Darkness cloaked the azure sky
Stars glistened, dusk and morning await
The moon shadow came passing by
I look up the canopy with faith

Soon the night will lull to sleep… 42 more words


Four of My Poems Will Join the Flock Over at Thirteen Myna Birds in the Not Too Distant Future

Writer, editor, publisher (over at Blood Pudding Press) and self-described “grotesque glitter witch medusa hybrid” Juliet Cook has–so graciously–accepted four of my poems ( 77 more words


Happy Birthday?

This is funny.  My Mom’s birthday is November 28.  I emailed her in a panic last night apologizng for forgetting it “yesterday.”

Of course I got an email back saying, “…” Uh, huh.   164 more words

Facts About Patient Anonymous

I am a hero of my dream

It’s a labyrinth ,a journey to a path going to the unknown.
Is it a story our childhood visiting the memory lane?
Or a glimpse of our future,for us,a hint will be given. 202 more words


Two Sentence Story

She gazed out of the speeding train’s misty windows to see a vast lake enshrouded in the gray of November. Autumn had died and Winter was being born out of the carcasses of leaves, slithering out in a blanket of silver and wet. 34 more words

Lily C Fen


Busilak na ang araw nang buksan ni Luigi ang bintana ng kwarto. “Umaga na naman. Good morning!” ika nya. Pagkatayo sa papag na tinutulugan niya at ng kanyang dalawang kapatid na lalaki, agad na lumabas ang gitnang anak na si Luigi at nagtungo sa banyo upang gawin ang unang adyenda ng araw. 366 more words



My wife is sick today. She had a really bad asthma attack last night. When I heard her lungs clicking together trying to find breath like a lost animal, I could just scream. 557 more words