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Interview to the writer J.R. Moreno


Hi there! We are here again to tell you about the writer J.R.Moreno (Jose Ramón Moreno). We had the opportunity to talk to him a few days ago and we asked him a few questions. 490 more words


Sweetly the Waves Call to Me -Pat Murphy

Sweetly the Waves Call to Me

The harbor seal lay just beyond the reach of the waves, its dark eyes open in death. The surf had rolled and battered the body; the mottled gray fur was dusted with white sand. 5,219 more words


Pocket Sediments Part I

I think I have two pretty serious cavities. Cavities, that I, don’t really understand how they took so long to arrive. These newly anointed orifices, inside of my body, did their best to stay away. 56 more words


Winning Over Women: A Civil Rights Strategy

Time on Two Crosses: The Collected Writings of Bayard Rustin by Don Weise

I’m currently reading Bayard Rustin’s collected writings, “Time on Two Crosses.” In describing an inter-racial group’s efforts in 1947 to test the Morgan decision — the case that found that state segregation laws did not apply to interstate bus travel, he wrote: 68 more words



Lonely is a state of mind,

And it happens to me every time,

It’s like playing forward just to rewind.

I have to somehow get you off my mind. 35 more words

Denis Ramos

18th time of the writer

Later this month writers from South Africa will gather at the invitation of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban, South Africa) for a festival of letters and words. 44 more words


Book review: After Birth by Elisa Albert

I love this book. Get it. Read it. Now.

“After Birth” by Elisa Albert tells the story of three months in one woman’s life around a year after giving birth who befriends a former “almost” rock star/poet who is about to give birth. 569 more words