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Cairo International Book Fair

Later this month people will flock to the Egyptian capital Cairo. In this metropole an Internal Book Fair will be held. An event like this many people will gather to be present, to speech, to negotiate, to browse, to linger, to be surprised. 17 more words


A Feeling of Connection: Anthony Burgess and His Characters

Anthony Burgess tells his story through his characters, in a way that makes him stand out among writers. Many writers of fiction tell their stories primarily through the narrator’s voice, and characters are presented to the reader through this medium. 614 more words


Azad Hind Fauj

ay jashn-e-sarfarosh jawaanaan-e-Khush nihaad
siine pe tere kund hui teGh ishtidaad
Ghurbat mein di hai tuune shuja’at ki Khuub daad
aqwaam dahr karti hain juraat pe teri saad… 218 more words


Electromagnetic Waves

I bought a microwave once. Was naively and falsely confident in thinking that my relationship would last well beyond the time when such an appliance would no longer be viable. 1,303 more words

Short Story

« Le rôle de l’écrivain n’est pas de tourner le dos à la jeunesse africaine »

France still has a special relationship with its former colonies in Africa. The French language still plays an important role. The French military still has a strong presence in its former colonies. 40 more words


Why a celebrated Francophone Africa writer said no

The French president Emmanuel Macron asked the Congolese born writer Alan Mabanckou to participate in a program to support the French language and the French culture in African countries. 66 more words


Whatcha Reading?

As writers, we have to be just as concerned with our input as our output. Good writers are usually voracious readers. Not only is reading pleasurable, it exercises the mind in a more passive way than writing, while also providing subconscious material for future writing. 207 more words