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Ted Hughes - the unnecessary biography

We are fortunate, I think, in knowing as little about William Shakespeare as we do. With no biography to distract us, all we have to think about is the work. 853 more words


Victory over terror

He will devour us without regret
And has promised not to stop
He will devour us in the open
And when we bow to pray… 107 more words

Four Recent Reads I Love

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

For when you need a deliciously wicked escape

I’m late on this one, I know. I saw the movie when it came out on DVD and loved it, but I just now got around to reading it. 480 more words

The repetitive fever brought by the millennium: The cinema suffering from aftertaste

The year 2000 seems to have brought a never seen before fondness for repetition in popular culture. The formula of adopting a successful idea, stretch and exploit it over and over again has deepened in many platforms, of which cinema is undoubtedly the best example. 1,674 more words


La fiebre repetitiva que trajo el milenio: El cine al que le repite el estómago

El 2000 parece haber traído consigo una querencia por lo repetitivo de una intensidad nunca antes vista en la cultura popular. La fórmula de adoptar una idea exitosa, estirarla y explotarla hasta la saciedad ha calado hondo en muchos soportes, de los cuales el cine es, sin duda, el mejor ejemplo. 2,070 more words


Mentally ill writers: A Little Princess is born

The way I stay in shape while working full-time is through my power of my amazing malfunctioning mind. Last night, on my way out to the library, I forgot my phone and went back up three flights of stairs to get it. 699 more words


Quote of the day, Nov. 25

William Shakespeare, from As You Like It

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances; 9 more words