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Like your family, perhaps (last part)

By Eddy Montilla.

(Taken from the book Real stories told as fiction)

“I know where the pixie is!” The child said and rushed into the bedroom. 808 more words



Who are those meditating
about the world as if their lives depended
on it?
Sad shaman prentices
on the sunny top of seven hills
raised upon circuits waste… 206 more words


Sex Scouting

“I want to make a bold proposition,” Mike, the co-owner of a bookshop I’d been going to for a while says as we lie side by side on the open futon that’s in the middle of the store, obstructing all the shoppers from their potential purchases. 1,202 more words

Short Story

Like your family, perhaps (penultimate part)

By Eddy Montilla.

(Taken from the book True stories told as fiction)

“Amanda, the one I loved and spoiled the most, got tired of me today like a mongrel that has had its fill and doesn´t even hide his favorite bone. 975 more words


Stripping the World to its Bare Bones

It’s amusing to wonder what the Wehrmacht censors thought when presented with Albert Camus’ novella The Stranger for their approval in 1942. One can imagine them getting together in a smoke-filled meeting room, looking into each other’s eyes to see if any of them had taken any particular offense (or even any particular meaning) from the book and then, with a collective shrug, approved it for lack of any better idea. 491 more words

Velvet Unicorn

“You’ll know it when you see it – or, more specifically feel it,” a hopeless romantic once told him (but since divorced).

With further elaboration, the “it” being the elusive unicorn Mark was seeking…and was lead to believe was out there. 2,701 more words

In My Good Books: 'Nutshell' by Ian McEwan

Acclaimed as the modern Hamlet, Ian McEwan reaches Shakespearean levels of genius in his recent novel, Nutshell. The first McEwan novel I read was… 586 more words

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