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Great Expectations!

So I’m over at Jason’s blog again, talking about my all-time favourite book – surprised I’ve been asked back?  Hmnn, I don’t have a gun this time,  so maybe that has got something to do with it?  201 more words

Emerson, Woolf and The Ordinary

Another of my essays for the MOOC course on Modernism. Title: Compare the approach to the ordinary in Emerson and Woolf.

The word ‘ordinary’ is somewhat Janus-faced. 1,045 more words

Religion & Spirituality

Merriweather (a poem)


allows violence we
don’t trust girls.
exist and get released to the public, it’s

a camera is presenting
ways to justify our interest in… 91 more words


You Transfix Me Quite – Jane Eyre and Vampires

You Transfix Me Quite – Jane Eyre and Vampires

Charlotte Bronte was brilliant. She created magic in a tough and most amazing woman named Jayne Eyre. 1,272 more words



I wanted to exercise today but I was tired. So I drank three kinds of medicines instead. A tablet for the cold and cough, another for the headache, then a pill for my sadness. 170 more words


Notes on Gogol’s “The Nose”

Nikolai Gogol’s story of “The Nose” opens with a macabre scene: a nose found in a loaf of bread. Perhaps this is going to be a murder mystery. 319 more words


Heart of a Dove

Into the showers dawn a light dust sprinkling across the grass like fine grains of silk.

The window opens. A dove enters. Its wings flap gracefully, spread white with feathers dancing like a fan. 157 more words