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Harry Potter, Huck Finn, and HellaGoodProjects

Whew!  The school year FLEW by- before I could collect my thoughts, the juniors were now seniors and the seniors were, well, gone.  So was my time… 422 more words

Becoming an Active Reader

*Note to reader: the original published version is here.*

“Learning to love reading is easy; learning how to be an active reader is not,” I say often to my students. 439 more words

OneNote is a sketchbook?

This week in my OneNote English adventures…

I’m still trying to convince my students, particularly my art afficionados, that OneNote is an amazing tool for graphic drawing. 403 more words

Why OneNote makes my (snow)day

It’s day five of the snow apocalypse in Northern Virginia.  Snow days can be a teacher’s wish come true and their worst nightmare all in one.   301 more words

The Gatsby Game and VSTE (finally)

I tried to write a post all about VSTE, and well, it just made me want to write about what I presented at VSTE (The Virginia Society of Technology in Education).   1,468 more words

Michelle Phan~Makeup, your life guide to beauty, style and success-online and off

Michelle Phan is a woman who is an internet sensation and a Jack of all trades when it comes to anything beauty related. When Michelle Phan released this book of hers back in 2014 I remember being very excited for her and thinking that I must get my hands on this beauty handbook ASAP. 261 more words

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